Since Feb 19, 2001

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I am the oldest,biggest and the meanest of the DARKS...so Trolls beware

Other than Hunting Trolls I like to make fun of Hitlery and Bill Clintoon....My favorite pics for darts. Dashole still looks better duct taped to the 1000 yard line on a rifle range. When I'm not making fun of DUmmies I am A bouncer...Mainly because there is some theraputic relief in hurling some one out a door like a frisbee. I have changed jobs, found better therapy so to speak...I am now a blaster and have fun doing it.

ping list: neets; darksheare; scott0347; timpad; kangaroojacqui; the scourge of yazid; conspiracy guy; nycgopchick; meekonegop; fedora; osha; onyx; cyborg; tiamat; harmless teddy bear; laura earl; americanwolf; lady jag; 4mycountry; watery tart; slings and arrows; simcha7; DocRock; trussell; SandyInSeattle; happygal; grellis; Badeye; chode; libwhacker; congressmanbillybob; nopardons; Jet Jaguar; bad company; najida; AQGeiger; Old Sarge; monkey face; freedumb2003; MEG33; stands2reason; TBarnett34; NicknamedBob; LongCut; Iris7; K1avg; sionnsar; Delta 21; Tax-chick; TASMANIANRED; BJClinton; international american; lavrenti; stag; Do not dub me shapka broham; RKBA Democrat; tuliptree76; Asphalt; DarkshadowNY; concretebob; Hi Heels; King Prout