Darth Sidious
Since Jan 22, 1999

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Free Republic is no longer the bastion of conservative thought that it was during the '97-'99 heyday. More importantly, it's not the fun place that it used to be.

The management and moderators of this site have seen to it that the mission of Free Republic is to shill for the Republican party, no matter what: that ain't patriotism, that's idolatry. They've turned this place into the mirror-image of Democrat Underground, and I can tolerate the growing hate on this site no more than I could on that one.

I shall miss the camaraderie, and independence of thought, that once permeated everything that was Free Republic. Barring an earnest and sincere attempt to make up for those grievances done by the management of this site upon many during the past several months, and a conscious effort to return Free Republic to its original mission, I cannot, on principle, participate or reply to anything posted on this forum.