Since Apr 3, 2001

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I'm a NEW YORK CITY PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER (an elementary grade), and in my classroom (and school, actually) you better believe we put our hands on our hearts and say the Pledge of Allegiance (under God!) EVERY DAY -- and sing the National Anthem and God Bless America. If they left it out of the textbook I teach it, if they got it wrong I tell the kids it's not correct -- as long as it is true history we can do that, and should. By all means send your own kids to private school -- but come help save the next generation and teach in public! Encourage your children to teach in public school as a mission field. Or go back to school and do it yourself!

which at least gives me the dignity
of having registered in 2000. However,
what the heck was that name
I registered under in 1998 or 99?
Oh well, that'll have to do.

Reading this board
during the election insanity
in 2000 was a great daily relief to my household.
Happily married since 1981, I am a Christian
and a card-carrying member of the
Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Fave Authors:
C.S. Lewis (especially the Chronicles and "Mere Christianity")

M.S. Education

Teaching, Ministry, Music, Nature, Sushi and Sashimi

Let's go, Free Republic!