Since Nov 5, 2003

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I use to enjoy this site, it was a place I could get all the relevant news and read great comments..learn things too. The first place I would log into every day, tell people about, very proud to be a Freeper for 13 years. Was the best politically informed person in my circle.

Something bad is happening to Free Republic. Something that would make any progressive liberal or chamber of commerce high 5 each other. Free Republic has become a clearing house of Trump/Cruz garbage comments that don’t add shit to anything but destroy both candidates and piss off each sides supporter. Much to the glee of the RNC, DNC, FOX & the media.

When people here glom on to hit pieces from the establishment & trolls and help destroy a good candidate by their participation and regurgitating garbage is sick, depressing, frustrating & destroying the best opportunity we’ve had in 7 fricken years to save this country. God Bless JR & FR and for God's (and country's) sake vote for the fricking republican!