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Hello fellow Freeple,

My name is Jim Autio. I am the author of the Nuclear Counterarguments 22-Essay Series at Deprogramming Liberalism. My purpose is to renew individual liberty as a core American value, or in other words, to literally again make contemporary conservatism the dominant ideology in America.

As Rush says, confident people are often rejected because of their confidence. I can attest to this personally. At the risk of sounding bombastic, I will say that I am confident in my understanding of the liberal/conservative divide in America. On a day to day basis no one that I know of dissects liberalism more profoundly than Rush Limbaugh. But if you want to understand the gritty details of what makes liberalism tick I know of nowhere that can match the Nuclear Counterarguments Essay Series. (Even Rush would be amazed, as can be seen in this slideshow: Everything Rush Didn't Tell You About Liberals)

Technically, I am not a blogger and Deprogramming Liberalism is not a blog - I leave the day to day stuff to Free Republic, Rush, Sean and the hundreds of conservative blogs and news sites. I am a researcher. I dig deep to find the foundational details of ideological issues. For instance, you have heard Rush and other conservatives tell you a thousand times that tax cuts generate more government revenue than do tax increases. But how does that help you when dealing with a low-information liberal that will inevitably scoff off your claim? Here is where Deprogramming Liberalism comes in. I provide you with the evidence for your claim. I examine in detail every major federal tax cut since WWII and then compare their revenues to the tax hikes in that same time period. Then I make you a nice little chart that nukes the liberal argument of tax hikes generating more revenues - in fact, every major tax cut has produced more government revenues in the following three years than every tax hike (#8 The Not So Surprising History of Tax Cuts):

Are you sick and tired of having the supposed "Clinton surpluses" thrown in your face? In fact, there were no Clinton surpluses. And it is so simple to prove even to the most intransigent low-information liberal - if you know how. I know how and will show you (#3 Groupthink Truths Versus Self-evident Truths).

Liberals insist that we must "stimulate" the economy with deficit spending. You and I and Rush know that it doesn't work, but how do you get through to a stubborn low-information brother-in-law? Email him two little charts that compare the two periods in American history that starkly illustrate that stimulus does not work, but austerity does. Argument over (#11 Austerity Versus Stimulus – What Is the History?).

Here's another one. The media constantly berates the history of Republican governance in America while inflating supposed Democratic achievements over the years. How can one fight this? With ten simple governance indicators. I compare federal spending, government revenues, GDP growth, Dow Industrials returns, inflation, the 30 year mortgage rate, auto sales, the homicide rate, job creation, and income growth for the poor over the last forty+ years under the governance of each party. Guess what. Every one of those governance indicators shows better results under Republican governance than under Democratic governance (#12 Can Governance Indicators Tell You Who Governs Best? Absolutely!). 

I could go on listing more examples like how to destroy the global warming debate, how to easily rebuff and reverse the accusation of racism, the justification for the Iraq War, a direct comparison between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin where Obama does not come out very well, a landslide of evidence illustrating that it is liberals who are the violent haters in American society, the more the government interference - the worse the healthcare, the administration's own admission that Obama's stimulus plan was a complete and utter failure, etc., etc. Literally hundreds of liberal arguments are nuked in the Nuclear Counterarguments Essay Series.

I define D.L. as a reference library on contemporary American liberalism. This "library" essentially consists of 22 "books" which are essays ranging from 33 X 300-word pages to 79 pages in length for a total of over 1,000 pages of text, over 1,000 reference citation links, over 600 recommended-reading citation links, over 600 profound insights, 388 bookmark links, and 25 original graphs and tables. (All are free and available at D.L.)

I have discovered the single underlying reason for the liberal/conservative divide in America (I first present it as a small slideshow: Explaining the Liberal/Conservative Divide In America). From here on D.L. is a cascade of incisive illuminations about liberalism, including the identity of the father of contemporary American liberalism, how and when it was birthed into American society, why it values groupthink over self-interest, how it operates, how it spreads, its motivations, its sociological and psychological implications, how one becomes a liberal, and how to turn a liberal into a conservative. The Nuclear Counterarguments essays are written as a type of exit counseling for liberals, but read like having a copy of the other team's play book for conservatives. I present an overall strategy for dealing with liberalism using small pragmatic tactics that any conservative can use with liberal acquaintances and interactions over social networks. When the nuclear counterarguments have done their work there is nothing left of liberal arguments but radioactive ash.

For a taste of the results of my research here are some threads that I have created on Free Republic:

[The redirect links to my bookmarks don't always work in FR for some unknown reason. I have included them here labeled as Direct Link.]

Guilt by Association - Liberal Secularists are Bloodthirsty Monsters! (Direct Link) Liberals think they are the tolerant ones. This post is an introduction to a compendium essay that proves otherwise - in fact, liberals are the real haters in American society.

Liberal-Conservative Divide Explained - Paranoia (Direct Link) An explanation of the cognitive science requirements that must be fulfilled to legitimately explain the underlying reason for the liberal/conservative divide in America.

Do You Value Freedom? Let’s See (Direct Link) This will tell you who you really are - and who you are not...

Two Kinds of Americans Freeple and Sheeple - Which Are You (Direct Link) Normal people want to direct their own lives. The conservative ideology of individual liberty represents this position. Abnormal people wish to have others direct their lives - voluntary slaves. This is the liberal ideology of collectivism. Here's the surprise. If asked point blank, most liberals will answer that they wish to direct their own lives too. You can use this to your advantage.

14 Reasons Why Government Makes Healthcare Expensive (Direct Link) In no way is the free market to blame for the high costs of healthcare. In fact, I give a classic example of how a branch of healthcare that has managed to stay entirely unregulated by the government provides timely, inexpensive and effective care without consumer complaint. It is so efficient that it is even under the radar of liberals.

#22 The Quiet Funeral of "Bush Lied - Thousands Died!" (Direct Link) If you have ever doubted the legitimacy of Bush's decision to invade Iraq, you won't anymore after reading this. And neither will any liberal exposed to it.

"Clinton Lied - 500,000 Didn't Die" (Direct Link) Liberals love to call President George W. Bush a liar over the invasion of Iraq based on the claim of no WMDs and no connection with al Qaeda. "Bush lied - thousands died!" is the liberal mantra. They wanted Bush impeached and charged with crimes. But where was their outrage when Bill Clinton lied to the American people to justify his war with Serbia over Kosovo?

Some Liberals Actually Think “a record comparable to Franklin Roosevelt’s” Is a Good Thing – Sheesh! (Direct Link) The topic of Roosevelt's tenure as President during the Dirty Thirties always brings out the batty in moonbat. Oh, and by the way, FDR wasn't a Keynesian - and neither is Obama.

President Obama’s Hockey Stick Graph (Direct Link) There are some great graphs and links illustrating the utter failure of the Obama stimulus plan. Must read.

October Surprise The Barack Obama Scoundrels List (Direct Link) First line: "Creepy people buzz around Barack Obama like a dog who rolls in his own crap attracts flies." Over 190 creepy people are documented with source links about each.

Easy to Prove the Administration Lied about Benghazi Attack (Direct Link) All you have to do is look at what the media was saying prior to getting their marching orders to bury the story from the White House.