Since Jan 19, 2009

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I am 31 year old DOD auditor from Orange County. My interests are politics (of course), NFL, Burning Man, History, Hiking, Running. I am are Reformed Christian My politics are considered to be liberal left except for my views on illegal immigration, border control, gay marriage, and abortion which are considered to be solid conservative views.

I decided to become a member for a number of reasons. It is my understand that the subject site’s political views range from center-right to conservative right. By looking at sample of article postings, there is excessive reliance on conservative news source to frame the political discussion on this site. It my desire to provide several articles from the liberal left to bring a more balanced coverage of the news articles that are submitted.

I am not trying to change people’s mind here. Rather, I am trying to provide source documentation of what the left actually writes and thinks instead of what comes out of the lips of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

I also like to post a lot of unusual and odd crime stories that would have be of interest to comment. On the issues of illegal immigration, my views are in align with the views of the majority of the posters here.

I think having somebody from the liberal left will actually make the debates more fun and enjoyable. Unlike a lot of the liberal left, I do listen to conservative talk shows quite a bit and I am a HUGE fan of John and Ken.