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"God is Dead," Now We'll Create our Global Village -or- Why Christians are Mentally Ill

A Canadian Doctor Describes How Socialized Medicine Doesn't Work

American Christians Don't Threaten Jews

Blueprint for Democrats: Deceive and Conquer-the unwritten partnership between Soros and Hillary

Brave New World: Welcome Aboard

Christiandom vs. Islam [1291-1492]

Clinton's Sympathy For Marxist Terrorists

Computational Geneticists Revisit A Mystery In Evolution

COUGHING MAY SAVE HEART ATTACK VICTIMS (Novel Resuscitation Technique: "cough-CPR")

Disinfopedia, the encyclopedia of propaganda

Drudge Site Ripe with Computer Slowing Spyware

Former Muslim: "The main theme of jihad is the murdering of Christians and Jews"

Former Muslim: "The main theme of jihad is the murdering of Christians and Jews"

Henry Kissinger: This Man Is On The Other Side

How Clinton Turned US Intelligence Into a Cash Cow

How To Win As A Conservative In Left-Leaning States

Jihad in America: The Terrorist Next Door

Left-wing Fascism: An Intellectual Disorder

Little Book of Horrors: Tracing a Deadly Legacy

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Myth of Limited Government

Property and Political Division

Sarah Palin and the narcissistic wounds of the Left

Signs of the End Times As 2002 Draws to a Close

Speech of Janice Rogers Brown,- "A Whiter Shade of Pale":

Take My Privacy, Please!

The American Civil Liberties Union Shredding Documents....

The Brain's Own Marijuana: Treatment for pain, anxiety, eating disorders

The Childhood Origins of Terrorism


The Frivolity of Evil

The Inequality Taboo by Charles Murray

The lingering stench: airing Stalinís archives

The Muezzin and the Microchip..... Our New Old Enemies

The Ultimate Sidebar Management Thread

Tune in, turn around, drop out

Where have our Sundays gone?

Where have our Sundays gone?

Which Way to Mecca? [Geertz reviews books]

Why America chose Bush