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"The Americans who Risked Everything"

737 Billion Reasons to Abolish the IRS!

A Letter From The Founding Fathers

Assault rifles offer a bit too much for home defense ? Hmmm ..... Free choice I say .

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Bankruptcy: Reasons stay the same, but number of filings have nearly doubled in 10 years

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Green Wealth: Funding the Enemy ...........

Lest We Forget

Outsourcing hits US techies hard ( Crybaby Alert )

Second Amendment Rights and Black Sheep

Secret Armies Of The Night

Socialism in America's Congress: A Primer (Vanity)

THE LIVE THREAD: Election 2002 Compilation Thread

The News We (CNN) Kept To Ourselves [must read]

Tracking Down A Fifth Column Front [Who Funds the Anti-War Commies? (Mine)]

Tyranny Response Team, SAS, & GOA lead the way ! "U.S. takes interest in U.N. gun debate" Wash Times

Unemployed Freepers?

We Are The Guardians Of The Constitution - Thread ll