Since Sep 18, 2003

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My name is David Flanagan and I am a resident of Annapolis, MD. I'm currently 38 years of age and have been married almost twelve years. My wife and I have two wonderful daughters, ages three and a half and four months.

I am a conservative Christian who enjoys writing about topics relating to politics, culture, and technology. I'm the kind of person who enjoys learning new things, and being challenged both on a physical and intellectual level. As a person who works both in the education as well as the technology fields, I can tell you that we have entered an era in which we must accept as fact that we will spend all the days of our lives learning new things. Either we pursue knowledge and accept change, or we stagnate.

If you would like to learn more about me and read some of my work, please visit me at http://www.viewpointjournal.com. I hope to hear from you!