Since Nov 18, 2000

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After checking a few "about" pages of other freepers I am feeling a little ashamed at not having done this already, and a little concerned that what I have to say will not be deep enough, elaborate enough or too trivial, but here goes:

- Born & raised in MN
- 1988 graduate of private Christian college in CA
- Balding, recovering college FB and track athlete
- Academic All-American
- NAIA National Hammer throw champion
- Golf nut
- Fishing nut
- Recent fly fishing convert
- Married (15 years this summer)
- Father of three fantastic kids

On the advice of my brother who works for IBM, I will keep my email address confidential. I haven't made a homepage, but my wife will soon have one for her business - does that count?

That's about all for now - sorry, nothing too inspirational or witty - I'm not all that creative. Although I do think I have a good tag line to use in the future.