duck duck goose
Since Mar 5, 2005

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Military brat by birth. A very proud, educated American. I observe usually before I speak and become very passionate when it comes to politics. I have zero patience for stupidity. Sex offenders are not prime canidates for rehabilitation, as they usually believe they have done nothing wrong, thus being in denial. I also believe that when they are released into society, it isnt enough to register them, but they need electronic bracelets so that they are tracked at all times and our children are protected. I also believe that they should have to pay for the service that monitors them. I am a victim of a violent crime and I believe that most who have commited one crime will do so again. It is a habitual behaviour. I do not see gender when I see someone in uniform. They are first and foremost serviceman who took an oath to serve my country, and if it werent for them, or those before them I would not have the freedom or liberties that I have today. I have been in the film industry for over ten years (episodic television as well as feature films), I use my training to raise money and awareness for Pediatric Cancer and Breast Cancer. This is a disease that I am very passionate about and it is very close to my heart. This is the most rewarding and heart breaking job that I have ever had, and I wouldnt give it up for anything. Duck Duck Goose was my favorite game when I was little, and it makes me smile when I see it. I have a thing for ducks...I own over 4,000 of them. I am a firm believer that shoes in the kitchen are a waste of time!!! I have occasional blond moments that are usually followed by a spout of laughter. Sometimes..I am my greatest bout of laughter!!!

Dog with Bun, dog with bun ps..My idea of Gun Control is Aim and Fire.