Since Apr 6, 2007

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Politically speaking, I’m a mean, bitter, evil SOB.
And that applies no matter if you are a republican, democrat, communist, or even claim to be a libertarian.
On the other hand I’ve learned to let it go. The political system is dysfunctional and beyond anyone’s control at present. I can’t change it so I have learned to laugh like hell at it. I also know where we are all going and it’s no place fun.

The cycles of government.

Collapse of the government and civil war.

Currently we have a dysfunctional republic. The forces that be are still trying to find a monster under the bed big enough to scare people bad enough so that the jump to a dictator can be made. 9-11 version 2 will happen. I just wish I could read the xtall ball and know what and when.
After the emperor is in place we can have the next civil war. The issues will be taxes and the imported slave that takes our job away. Just like the last one. Just like the last civil war this society will survive it and move ahead. Not necessarily in a good direction but it will survive and move on. It will not be the end of the world. The failure of this society will not be taxes, immigration, terrorists or anything like that. That kind of crap we can survive. This society will fall on its ass when the rule of secular civil law is replaced with church law. Just like Rome. Then we can have another dark age. I wonder how long the third dark age will last. Can You name the first two? Few people know of more then one.

Check your cinch now and then.