Since Oct 1, 2004

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Duke and Billie are my parents. Duke was a career Army officer and professor at the LSU Dental School when he retired from the military. He had a similar build and look as John Wayne so his men and students called him Duke. Billie was the wonderful woman behind a great man. She had 5 children, only two of whom were born on the mainland. One was born in Okinawa (me), one was born two months premature onboard a military transport ship returning from Okinawa, and one in Germany, Louisiana and Pennsylvania. She was a stay-at-home mother who was always there for her children. She was the perfect hostess for all the activities required of an officer’s wife. They passed away within a year of each other. They taught us children about love – of God, of family, of country. They taught us the meaning of commitment. They taught us how to handle adversity with grace. I use their names as my handle as my way of keeping their memory alive and so I never forget their lessons. Here are a few pictures of Duke and Billie.