Since Nov 19, 1998

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Hello! I invite you all to visit my weblog

Philokalia Republic

You'll especially enjoy it if you're a political philosophy or theology junkie like I am.

I also have a Twitter Account

and a StumbleUpon blog.

For good Catholic news, please check out Catholic News Agency. My favorite blogs at the moment are What's Wrong with the World and Thinking Housewife.

A more-or-less accurate ranking of my political preferences:
# 1 Paleoconservative
# 2 Conservative
# 3 Paleo-libertarian
# 4 Neoconservative
# 5 Centrist
# 6 Libertarian
# 7 Radical
# 8 Liberal
# 9 Left-libertarian
# 10 Third Way

The source of my screen name:

Third Order Knight, Council #12979
Vivat Jesus!