Since Apr 1, 2007

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E38: The largest airport...in the largest county...in the largest State...
in the contiguous 48......No brag...just fact. I joined FR in 1997 as MOX...got zotted in 2007 for using the word "queer" in 3 or 4 sequential posts. JR's mod's are suspect at best and otherwise fickle. I don't post much ... usually only to challange some BS artist or a fake patriot..(damn there are alot of those!) As a retired USAF O6, I've got a 6th sense for fake heros! GOD be with ya'll. Maranatha! Oh and BTW...I'll never donate a dime to a site that pays PC Nazi's to act as "mod's". JR must be senile to keep these pathetic petty tyrants on the payroll. GO ahead you pencil neck geeks....ZOT me again!