Since Jan 7, 2006

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I believe actions speak louder than words. What can I say about myself in order to be accepted in this forum?

Not much I imagine, I can only be known by what I post.

Vital statistics:

Female, 49 years old (as of October 30, 2005), Married to the same man since graduation from high school in 1974. No children - it never happened. I never pursued it due to belief God would bless us with children if He desired.

Political conservative. Bush supporter, except immigration issues on which I, and plenty of others, disagree with the President on his current stance.

I am attending college for the first time, even though I am horrible in Algebra, which I need for my major in Petroleum Technology-a growing field. This does not discount my interest in alternate energies, which I am very interested in.

Well, it is not much of a profile, but it will have to do. For now.

Oh yes, my screen name reflects a dream only. If I had Einstein's brain, I would not have to work so hard.