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  You say psycho like it is a bad thing.

  Rock is Dead!  Long live Paper and Scissors.

  Some days you're the bug, some days you're the windshield.

  LIVE for nothing or DIE for something -- John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone)

  With thoughtless and impatient hands
  We tangle up the plans
  The Lord hath wrought
  And when we cry in pain He saith,
  "Be quiet, man, while I untie the knot."
   -- Author unknown

 I will be nice to people.
 I will try to be more patient with the incompetent people around me.
 I will not slap any idiots before 10 AM.

 Rush Limbaugh, 17 August 2000

Here's yet another thing that's bugging me about the Democrat's convention.  It's that the Democrats think that they're the only ones that stand for or believe in civil rights.
The claim has always bothered me.  In 1957, Dwight Eisenhower, a Republican president, used his federal power to integrate the Little Rock school system.  He stood up to a Democratic Governor, Orville Faubus, who, incidentally, Clinton befriended early in his political career.
Democrats claim that The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is their act.  It isn't.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed with an over-whelming majority of Republican votes in the Senate.  A greater percentage of Republicans than Democrats voted for the bill.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964, which the Democrats claim as their monopoly, was opposed by southern Democrat senators, several of whom were outspoken segregationists, and one of them was Al Gore's father.
Lyndon Johnson, who was president, had to rely on Everett Dirkson, the great Republican leader from Illinois, to get the Civil Rights Act passed just like Clinton had to rely on Republicans to get NAFTA passed.  It was the Democrats back in 1964 who were at war with themselves and conflicted over civil rights.
The idea that the Democrats are responsible for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a myth that has been given life by the Democrats and the media for 36 years now.  It's hokum.  It's grating on me as much as the idea that the Republicans want dirty water and dirty air.
The liberals are living a lie.  They're telling themselves these lies in order to make themselves feel good at their convention, but it isn't flying and the poll numbers show it.

Vanity #1:

There are a lot of souls out there talking about who they will not support, or vote for, in the upcoming election.  Many of them also talked about who they would not support, or vote for, in the last election.  I'm going to climb up on my soapbox and point out a truth that needs to be said to those souls, and that truth is going to hurt... and I hope it hurts a lot.
For starters, any of you that currently complain so loudly and vocally about how bad things are with Mr. Soetoro (aka Mr. Obama) and his party in charge of our government and yet you did not vote for the republican candidate for office of president, congress, et al have absolutely no business complaining to the rest of us who did vote.  (Phew!  That was a mouthful.)  In my eyes you are no better than retired Gen. Powell.  We all agree, don't we, that when the 'good' general supported, and then voted for, a democrat he rendered himself completely irrelevant as far as Republican politics is concerned.  Well, those of you who did not vote for Republican candidates, no matter how revolting you thought those candidates might be, also automatically put your support behind the candidates General Powell wanted to win.  It matters not what your grandiose reasons and explanations might be, by not voting in the past election you supported (voted for) the victor, and everything that victor was going to do.  You knew who that victor would be without your republican vote so don't come crying to me about what he is doing now.  Don't come crying to me because you made a terrible mistake.  And don't even try to say it was someone else's fault our candidate lost.  You chose to not vote.  No one twisted your arm, no one kidnapped you, no one threatened you.  You just decided to take your ball and go home.  After all, you would show us, wouldn't you?
By not voting you became a part of the problem and not a part of the solution.  Your actions automatically moved you from being one of us to being one of 'them'.  Oh, yes, and I recall how firm each of you were about not voting because of who our candidates were.  Not only were many of you firm about not voting, you even went so far as to heckle and jeer at those of us who were trying to make lemonade out of the lemons we were being handed.  And THEN you even went so far as to brag about how you always knew our candidates would fail when...
I'm not interested in your justifications.  Justifications do not win elections.  Myself, I supported Fred Thompson at first, then Romney, and finally (choke, gag) McCain after Palen joined his ticket, but I would have still voted for Ron Paul (barf) had he won the ticket.  Do you honestly think for one second that Hillary Clinton's supporters hesitated for even an instant before casting their vote for Mr. Soetoro after their candidate lost in the primaries?  Do you think they wanted a bumbling fool on their candidate's side as vice president?  In case you hadn't noticed, after all was said and done, as far as they are concerned Mr. Soetoro walks on water, leaps tall buildings in a single bound and even put Chuck Norris in his proper place!  And that is just talking about the Clinton supporters.
Now we are considering our options for the next election which is just around the corner.  What do we hear now from those same windbags?  Nothing has changed.  Their only interest seems to be to help us lose the election again.  As I said earlier, they are no longer on our side.  They keep trying to convince us of why the current pool of candidates is unqualified by using our ever so 'friendly' and 'helpful' State Run Media, and their associates the 'Non-Partisan' Think Tanks, as references.  We already know how very helpful they are willing to be to help us find the most qualified person for the job, don't we?  They must be really getting a good laugh out of us for being so gullible as to actually believe the trash they provide as proof.  Some of us have actually tried to tell you but you won't listen to us, only to them.  No wonder we are such a mess.  We are letting them stomp all over us and thanking them for the favor.  Personally, I'm like Rush Limbaugh when it comes to what the Dark Side has to say about our candidates, those they do NOT wish to win are those they try to smear the most.
So, who are your favorite media sources smearing now?  Palin?  Tea Party members?  Others?  Vote for those they smear the most and you will most likely have the best conservative tickets in power we could ever dream of, using candidates whose names were provided by those who despise us the most. (Summer 2008)

Vanity #2:

  It matters little if our current "president" was born in Hawaii. At best he is only--repeat ONLY--a US Citizen. By his own words his father was a non-citizen. The constitution's requirements for becoming president include the requirement that the potential president be a "natural born citizen." To be a natural born citizen BOTH parents must be US Citizens. Only his mother qualifies so he is not qualified to be our president, just as I am not qualified to become president because my own mother became a US citizen three years after I was born. So, I cannot become US President any more that he could.
  What is tragic is that any legislation signed into law by Mr Obama is technically null and void since the man signing it cannot hold the office of president. The damage being done to this nation by this one Democrat is shameful. Gov Abercrombie's efforts to help his friend can only verify his (Obama's) total lack of qualifications, something almost fifty percent of the US voting public already recognizes.

Vanity #3:

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