Since Mar 19, 2000

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I am a disabled Civil Engineer. I also, have been a Jack of all trades. Such as managing McDonalds,(in my younger days), Big rig truck driver, sheriff, Landscape designer, just to mention a few. I served my country in the US Army Security Agency (ASA) 1960 - 1963. I graduated from Military Intelligence School at Ft. Devens, Mass. in 1961, mos 982.10 Analyst, with a Top Secret and Crypto clearance. A Republican Lurker and a Vietnam Vet.

I rarely post and have very few comments. The Freepers and a few old grouches, always make me smile. I’m like John Wayne toilet paper; “Rough, Tough and I don’t take Sh!t off anyone!”. I have visited almost every state and have lived in many. I have two college degrees.

A beautiful Wife, Two children, and Four Step Children, all grown. We have two cats, one Black, her name is Dusty. A Calico, her name is Penelope. Have a nice day! I forgot to mention, I stole my wife’s screen name and gave her Freeperkeeper, she hates it.


RIP my Darling! I Am Mrs. Equalizer,

Because my wonderful husband was a fan of the show Equalizer, for a short while durning his illness we traded screen names. He passed August, 2003. I have never been able to let this screen name go. I choose to keep this name and do not use his orginal screen name Freeperkeeper.

I still have the two cats and recently rescued three more kittens. Buddy Claws,Jeffery and Penny Mini. They are all fixed, claws intact and the highlight of my life.