Since Jul 16, 1999

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PROUD Freeper!...Cuban ancestry...Living in Miami, Fla.

This life-long Republican went to the polls on Nov. 7th with a grudge and a strong, overwhelming desire to vindicate a young boy who was thrown back into the jaws of tyranny and oppression 90 miles away from our shores by a ruthless, corrupt and shameless administration like this country has never experienced in its history....I gambled that redemption could be won for this young man, even if he couldn't share in our glory....Although bittersweet, the Good Lord answered my prayers.

FREEDOM is not something that I or anyone else can casually take for granted. It must be EARNED and vigilance is required to keep it. The cowardly and apathetic only come to this realization when it's too late, usually when their ankles are being fitted with CHAINS.

This is my philosophical home and I am proud to be among such brilliant, supportive and DECENT human beings who recognize this shared principle....Make it yours, too.