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9/2/2015; Since when in America is it a right to hit someone’s vehicle with a football??? If you move to Alabama it is a right here. Boys playing sports trump any kind of property rights (hitting vehicles and houses, breaking windows, tearing up people’s lawns). And don’t you dare say anything to the parent as their response is, “Our kids need to get out of the house away from video games and play sports.” While I agree with that argument, they don’t have to tear up people’s property. Last night, I went to the father of a boy who hit my truck with a football thrown like a rocket. I made a sound like a blast. The ball hit pretty hard. The dad was on his way to work, so I was just going to let him know about the incident not take up his time. After telling the dad what happened, he yelled at me. “Did it do any damage?!?” he yelled. “No, not really,” I replied. He screamed at me more, “Then what’s the problem!?! Call the police!!!” This will never be resolved because no kid today ever does anything wrong. "These are good boys, these are good boys, these are good boys..." their mom kept repeating emphatically as if she was trying to convince me and herself. I never said they were bad kids, I just don't want them tearing up my stuff. I don't tear up theirs or anybody else's yard or property. Why should I accept this? I expected that the father would say something like, “OK, I will have a talk with junior about not hitting cars.” Instead, all I got was yelled at. My how society has fallen.

Citizen of the USA and proud of it.