Since Jan 14, 2005

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I feel very welcome as a new member to the Free Republic community. Futhermore, I am extemely satisfied with the content of freerepublic.com and with the service provided to our country's patriots.

The enlightened and polished views of the members of Free Republic are very interesting to me, since I am a student of Catholic social policy and its relation to the United States of America.

Here's my view of the U.S. government: I gratefully acknowledge the unique characteristics of the United States. It is clear that politicians are naturally pessimistic and that religious people are naturally optimistic

Thus, the Founding Fathers of the United States — serving as instruments of the Creator — encouraged the cynical political types and the optimistic religous folks to draft government rules together. Resulting from the healthy tension between cynical Americans and optimistic Americans is what we have today: a Federal Republic guided by democratic principles with a free market economy. And who doesn't want that?

According to Ronald Reagan, "Our Nation's motto — In God We Trust — was not chosen lightly. It reflects a basic recognition that there is a divine authority in the universe to which this nation owes homage" (March 1981). Nuff' said.

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