Fayre Verona
Since Oct 11, 2004

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Fayre Verona
WASP Choctaw
Married to an Irish immigrant
Sufferin' Baptist
Dallas, Texas (actually, in the suburbs)
Two kids
One demon-possessed Beagle
Voted for Bush twice (once each election)

You know, if I'd been thinking, I could have put Pamela Anderson's pic here.

Favorite Quotes:

"All this global guilt! You know, darlings, it may bloody-well never happen!" - Edina Monsoon (Eddy)in regard to the Chicken Little Campaign

More Eddy quotes

"Just for once I want to take my clothes off and not be marked by them."

"What good is a bloody accountant if he's within the law?!"

"I hate France!"

'Anybody can use Public Transport, Sweetie!'

'What is my (mother's) email address?' Oldwoman @ risk of being strangled by own daughter.com, I should imagine'

"I know those posts are there to stop stupid people from running out into the street and killing themselves, but we're not ALL stupid! We don't all need nurse-maiding. I know - there should be a stupidity tax, just tax the STUPID people!"

"Books give me itchy eyes, darling."

Patsy Stone Quotes
"You may dress like a Christian, but the similarity ends there!"

"You know Elizabeth Taylor? I heard she is the new ride at Disney world!"

Eddy - "What would you do witout me, Pats?"
Patsy - "Take cabs."

"She said, 'Who's bringing the nibbles?' you silly mare!" - Elton John