Ferret Fawcet
Since Mar 24, 2003

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Hi there. I don't have any snazzy graphics or fancy credentials to impress you with.

I'm just an ordinary 31-yr old female from Ohio. I have a wonderful husband who I am just crazy about. We share our house with 3 cats and 3 ferrets.

I identify myself as a Christian first and a conservative second.

For much of my life, I coasted along on auto-pilot. I woke up in 1999- I was "born again", and also began actually paying attention to current events and politics.

I read a lot more than I post. I am no political expert and still have much to learn, but I know what I believe. I am most grateful to Free Republic and other sources for truth, such as Fox News, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh. Of course, the BEST source for truth is the Bible! (Have you read yours lately?)

Above all, God guides me through this life, and I am comforted knowing that in the midst of all our earthly turmoil, God is in control.


Get closer to God- join me at The Lampstand, a peaceful message board whose sole focus is to glorify God, and to encourage, support and inform His people.

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