Fetid Facts
Since Oct 24, 2009

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Free Republic has been my daily portal to news since the Whitewater days. Although I’ve been tempted to register many times, I never felt my comments would add much to the those posted by the principled conservative members of this forum. That is still true for the most part, but I can no longer remain totally silent in light of the direction our government and news media are taking. People who hold mainstream majority views are routinely characterized in media as being on the conservitive fringe. The public is being fed half-truths and outright lies. My only goal in registering here is to occasionally point out some of the stinky facts that the elites wish to obscure.

The story that pushed me over the top is the 10/22/09 Pew Research Survey showing 57% of Americans believe in global warming. The poll also showed that only 36% think warming is caused by human activity, but the 57% is the only figure being reported in the MSM, leading the casual observer to believe the majority concur with President Obama on this issue. Any honest and intelligent person who has researched global warming or even observed temperature trends over the past few years, can only come to the conclusion that anthorpogenic global warming is a hoax. If only 36% of those in the Pew Research poll believe it now, why would 50% in the same poll support cap and trade? Either they don’t understand the issue or they’re blindly following the green cult line. If the MSM accurately reported this issue, support would quickly drop to 20%—the percentage of people who would believe the moon was composed of green cheese if Obama told them it was so.