Since Aug 30, 2016

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I first became politically active in December 2015. It all started when I was driving home one day and listening to NPR. Politically, I lean right with equal parts realism and idealism. I had always thought of NPR as leaning left but that they had been mostly fair. At this time I was under the influence of the “Trump is a clown and buffoon” narrative. NPR was running a segment about Trump’s “muslim no-go zones in Britain” comments and spent the entire segment ridiculing him and quoting only people who disagreed with him. I didn’t know personally who was right but was familiar with the existence of dissenting voices.

I was so infuriated that a federally-funded, purportedly independent news organization would so grossly mislead that I immediately began researching, reading full platforms, watching full interviews, pulling official government reports. I am a stats guy with experience spotting how people either inadvertently or deliberately mislead with statistics and careful choice of words. I was shocked by what I found on a variety of issues, most importantly immigration.

From my perspective, immigration seems to be a major contributor to many of our other major problems: massive debt, growing inequality, overreaching federal government, a slow erosion of Constitutional limited government, overburdened schools, growing partisanship, rising ethnic tension, the silencing of valid debate with political correctness, the thought control in our media, an increasing surveillance state that would be less necessary without admitting so many hostiles, etc. Just been trying to get the word out ever since.