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Since Nov 23, 2000

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The reason for my screen name is that I have been a conservative since 1964, when I read Barry Goldwater's book "Conscience of a Conservative" and heard Ronald Reagan's "The Speech" in support of him. (I obviously voted for him, although I was "born" a Democrat and thought FDR was god like - HA! - primarily because of my parent's views.) By the time I became a legal adult in 1949, I was reading and thinking for myself. I enjoy Free Republic's exchange of ideas when they are reasoned and well mannered in their presentation.

We moved to near Sulphur, Oklahoma. in April of 2003, after being terrorized in the Chihuahuan Desert by B-1 and B-52 bombers training for low-level flying - 100 to 300 feet directly over our home and property - along a MTR that had been in existence for years. We weren't told this, even though we asked - because a very similar thing happened in Colorado - so we are suing the neighbor who leased his property to the USAF for a MiniMUTES radar emitter site which would microwave us in our home and on our property, as well as the real estate people who brokered the sale. (The TV commercial where a plane takes the weathervane off a house is very realistic to us.)

In October of 2004 we finally received the jury trial we had requested in Texas State District Court. The trial was a farce and apparently prearranged by the "judge" and the defendants through their lawyer. For four days we were forced to sit through this travesty while the defendants lied on the witness stand "under oath" and while the "judge" sustained every objection of the defendant's lawyer while affirming none of ours. As a result, we were not allowed to show the jury our damning evidence of the fraud perpetrated on us and their verdict went against us. To add insult to injury, the "judge" by his "order" directed us to pay him $ 9,000 for the legal expenses of the defendants. (Guess we were lucky not to be jailed for attempting to prove being defrauded by the Texas realtors and damaged by the selfish, and dishonest neighbor.)

We returned home to Oklahoma vowing to never again set foot in Texas and filed for bankruptcy, since our social security checks and small retirement would never permit us to pay the debts we incurred seeking justice - instead we were given "Texas Justice!"