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"AND NOT A SHOT IS FIRED!" - Transition to Socialism

A government limited to what?

A SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS -- (House of Representatives ) Ron Paul

A Train Lover's Guide to Political Science

All Midtown (New York) Could Soon Be A Toll Zone (Camera Enforced)

Americans Must First Want Freedom

An American Empire

An Anti-War Republican: Interview with Congressman Ron Paul

An Attack on Freedom Itself?

Artificial Stupidity (Creating Mindless Followers In Our Public Schools)

Australia Authorizes Army to Shoot Civilians

Beer and America

Benjamin Franklin on Liberty

Carnivore whitewashed by "independent" review

Community Standards and Majority Rule (Locke's take on the issue)

Congress and the Constitution

Critics Accuse Local, State Governments of Distorting Eminent Domain Laws

CSGV Warns Ashcroft's Misinterpretation of Second Amendment Could Weaken Gun Law Enforcement

Democracy Revisited

Denver Police Department "spy file" describes Libertarian Party as a "militia" type organization.

Denver Police keeping files on TRT

DICTATORSHIP AT YOUR DOORSTEP: Why "Anti-Terrorism" Laws Threaten You

Dumping the Constitution

Essay on Personal Responsibilty and Over-reaching Laws

Evolution of eminent domain is the story of the power of Supreme Court to alter American culture

Fight the Right War

Firearms Registration: New York City's Lesson

Frightened, or Free?

George Orwell, here we come

Get the Facts on FBI Internet Surveillance on 'Carnivore' On the E-Business Network

Get used to it (and shut-up about it too)!

Gun Control?s Great Petri Dish

Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism

How to Control People


How Tyranny Came to America

Individualism and Freedom: Vital Pillars of True Communities

Land Mine Legislation

Letter From Congressman Ron Paul (A must read!)


Libertarians come out swinging (winning elections in FL)

Man, Reason, Rights? Inescapable Truths

MCSEs: We are all idiots

National ID: An American Horror Story

Nazi Firearms Law and the Disarming of the German Jews

Ousted Navy Chaplain Sues Over Preaching Ban

Personal attacks, petty (and not so petty) bickering, flame wars, feuding, etc.

Personal attacks, petty (and not so petty) bickering, flame wars, feuding, etc. ***THREAD TWO***

Police Sued for Taking Gun of Homeowner (Federal Judge Says No Individual Right To Bear Arms)

Prevention versus Protection

Principles of Tyranny

Privacy a Victim of the Drug War

Project Exile Promotes Prison Rape

Public Surveillance Cameras: Protection Or Intrusion?

Republics and Democracies - Part 1 of 2

Rights, Responsibilities, and Communitarianism (A Libertarian critique of Communitarianism )

Robot cameras 'will predict crimes before they happen'

Ron Paul: A Foreign Policy for Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty

Seat Belt Laws Save Lives, Kill Liberties

Second Amendment absolutist

Six Myths About Libertarianism

Socialism by Agreement

Soldiers shouldn?t be cops

Sorry, Mr. Franklin, "We're All Democrats Now"

The "General Welfare" Clause. What Does It Really Mean?

The American Colonist's Library--A Treasury of Primary Documents

The Best Defense Against Terrorism

The Expanding Federal Police Power

The Eye in the Sky... looking at *You* - thread II

The History of NAZI Gun Control or How Democraps Emulate The NAZI's For Domestic Policy

The Libertarian Fantasy on the Supreme Court

The Neo-Con Assault on the Constitution


The Right To Be Left Alone.

The Supreme Court's Violations of Individual Rights

The Totalitarian Impulse

The Trouble with Police Road Blocks

The Tyranny of Our Neighbors

They're Watching You

This is Your War on Drugs

To Know Freedom

True Tales of the Citizen Corps: A New Breed of Secret Agent

Voir Dire: An 'Unreviewable And Irreversible Power ... To Acquit'

What I Expect My Child To Learn From Not Saying the Pledge of Allegiance

What is a Right?

What is a socialist?

What Is Not A Libertarian?

What is the Purpose of Government?

Why Are Libertarians So Stubborn..??

Why Are Some People So Stubborn..??

Woman on Trial for Talking to Cop

YES MOMMY (A well Regulated State)

You have a right to a firearm