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A freezer full of giant squid

Dog carcasses used to make sausages

'Miscalculation' could mean the end of caviar

21 people arrested in England over human sacrifice of African boy

8 arrested in alleged caviar poaching ring

Activists upset by Girl Scouts in Alaska who trap, skin beavers

Aggressive Americans expel native turtles from Spanish reserve

Alaskan trappers send pelts to Girl Scout Troop (Up yours PETA)

Alligator gets loose in airliner baggage compartment

American Backyard Feeders May Do Harm to Wild Birds

American Bullfrogs Invade Britain and France

Animal Rights Leaders Predict Violence, Death

Animals 'are moral beings', welfare campaigners say

Animals meant for sacrifice seized from priest's home

Antis' Efforts to Stop Hunting Backed By Multi-Million Dollar Budgets

Are Turtles Protected Under the Second Amendmant?

Armadillo expert, entrepreneur and promoter, Sam Lewis was also a Texas legend beloved by many

Authoritative New Web-Based Resource: About Herbs, Botanicals & Other Products (supplements, etc)

Authorities search for rabid bobcat that attacked Midtown couple, dog

Battle of Thermopylae

Belgium's furry friends being farmed for pelts (dog fur rugs, cat fur coats)

Blackpowder, bowling balls and sewer pipe! (Fire in the hole!!!)

Brown Recluse Spider Bites - Now is the time to spray your house! (graphic pictures)

Bushmeat ban 'would be wrong'

Canada Increases Baby Seal Hunting Quota to 350,000, NYT Says

Captured by the game (NC wildlife wardens bag trophy poachers in one of state’s largest dragnets)

Cats Likely Source of SARS, Say Researchers (Chinese delicacy likely source of deadly virus)

Charlie Tuna Award--California Legislature Licenses Mouse-trapping

China Blames Rabies Epidemic on Pet Dog Fad

Chinese officials crack down on ancient bloodsport of cricket fighting


Civil War II "The Comming Breakup of America" A Checklist, by Thomas W. Chittum

Computer Virus: Help Requested

Conch farming

Coyote family takes over backyard (humans must be subservient to animals in Massachusetts)

Crazy Carp Have Invaded Missouri's River

Customs officers find suitcase full of baboon noses

Czech campaigners call for end to cruel carp Christmas tradition

Deer stolen in PA: When a Big Buck Means Lots Of Dough, a Deer Is in Peril

Drudge Site Ripe with Computer Slowing Spyware

Eating Fish 'Reduces Artery Damage In Smokers'

Economies Sickened by a Virus, and Fear

End Justifies Means for Lubbock Prairie-Dog Hunter

EU considering requirement that wild game be certified "fit" before being hunted.

Evil gangmasters who rule the cockle slave trade by fear

Farmers fret about security; damage estimated at $500,000

Feinstein-Schumer Gun-Control Act

Feline cuisine linked with SARS (eating civet cats suspected)

First, Skin Your Squirrel

Flying Fish Jump Into Boats On Missouri River

Forget the Plastic Sheets

Free online courses

Fur Leaps a Generation (Bad News for PETA)

Fur Leaps a Generation (Bad News for PETA)

FUR SALES UP! (keep it up, PETA)

Girl attacked by rabid beaver

Great Plains Rodent Acquires New Role as International Pet-Prairie Dog: Pleasing Pet or Pet Peeve?

Hey PETA ! Fish Shooting Legal in Vermont!

High Court Rules Boat Search Legal, Even Without Owner's OK

Hogs going wild in Texas

Homeschooling Headache

Injured animals casualty of new handgun laws [Australia]

Injured animals casualty of new handgun laws [Australia]

Is the new Microsoft Worm Giving You Problems This Morning? (I switched to Netscape)

Killer Terrapins terrorize ducklings.

Lake Dallas woman's body believed found - in a concrete filled barrel

Large Gambian Rats Worry Fla. Officials

Largest wildlife undercover operation in state history

Law fails to control junk guns (Three more anti-gun stories from the RINO News - SKS targeted)

Louisiana crawfish invade ponds across the globe

Louisiana crawfish wreaking havoc in France's wetlands

Louisiana Puts Bounty on Rodents


Malaysia seizes wok-bound pangolins

Men 'tried to smuggle 600 frogs'

Muskrat Hunting Season in Full Swing in Delaware

New virus infects PCs, whacks SCO

NMSU Biologist Wants Island's Eagles Evicted To Save Foxes

Nutria bounty a boon for longtime trappers

Nutria tail now worth $4

Obscure Windows Feature Lets in Pop-Up Ads, FTC Says

Opossums protected by state law

PETA Bankrolling Terrorist Group ELF

Police probe tortoise disappearances:Reptiles worth $4,000 vanish at Moody Gardens


Quest for Health, Sex, Exotic Food in China Wiping Out Wildlife in Southeast Asia (examples too)

Rattlesnake Roundup Causes Concerns

Risks to animals increase with hunters out of equation

Roadkill: If you can't beat it, eat it, aficionados say

Saddam to be indicted within one week

Sarpy Lakes Closed [people who live in the area are being told to stay out of the water]

SARS anti-bodies found in wild animal traders

SARS Threads

Shadowy group says it's behind arsons, sabotage (ELF sets 3 Michigan fires)

Singaporean man caught smuggling pythons in pocket

Smith & Wesson Introduces New .50 Caliber Magnum Revolver...

Snakehead fish found in Maryland lake

Sport Fishing is Cruelty

Spyware slowing computer - ad aware fixed it (not a commercial)

Still hanging on [elk,bison,emus,ostriches,lamas,miniature horses,donkeys,pot-bellied pigs,worms]

Strain of SARS Is Found in 3 Animal Species in Asia

Symantec Blocks Pro-gun Sites

Symantec Blocks Pro-gun Sites

TECHIES...The best Freeware for Windows? Post your favoties!

That Certain Look: Animal Magnetism (fashion)

The domestication of the russian silver fox. (40 year fast track evolution)

The Nutria Are Here

THE PROBLEM WITH THE ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT(fed and state wildlife biologists falsify evidence)

The Wolf Trap

The wrong idea about animal rights

Thieves of Time--France remains the greatest looter in the Middle East

Top 25 Turtles On Death Row

Twin comets expected to be seen in April

Two men indicted in fishy scheme

Two teens seen with rabid bat sought (Playing hacky sack with rabid bat)

U.S. to Give Border Patrol New Powers to Deport Illegal Aliens

Unprotected PCs Fall To Hacker Bots In Just Four Minutes

Violence in name of nature targeted

Web users 'must endure' pop-up ads

Wed after 78 years of 'living in sin'

Why the Cherokee Nation Allied Themselves With the Confederate States of America in 1861

Why this bunny will wear fur again

Wild Greens:

Windows 98 upgrade problem..Help

Wisconsin bans prairie-dog sales after 14 people sickened from exposure