Since Aug 15, 2008

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I consider myself a right-wing conservative, and am very proud to be.

1. I am absolutely pro-life. I don't believe that their should be exeptions on a ban of abortion. I really don't care to see a death penaly, although some multiple affenders I would like to see taken out of society, as in locked up in an isolated prison where, even if the escape, they will get nowhere near civilization. I am an active member of my school's pro-life club (I go to a catholic school.) There is so much more I could say about my ideals as a pro-lifer, for one, I support, defend, and thank Scott Roeder for his saving of unborn children by killing George Tiller. You may think that I am hypocritical, but taking one life that will kill thousands of innocent lives in a extremely evil way because the law won't stop it seems not just acceptable, but an obligation. That is called justice, whether it is vigilantism or not. It is sad that it had to come to that, but it was a last resort.

2. The homosexual agenda has, and I know I am preaching to the choir here, degraded our culture so much. It is what I believe one of the worst sins, to practice, and even worse, to support, something that cause the spiritual death of a person.

3. I hate the Fairness Doctrine and any legislation that masks it should be repealed and/or stopped. As everyone knows, any restriction of free speach like that, and any intervention by the government where it is not needed, is unconstitutional.

4. I can understand the idea of a fair tax, but doing what Reagan did in the 80's (lowering taxes significantly and keeping them low) would be fine as well. I have to learn more about the economy before I can go on a full-fledged rant, though.

5. When God is taken out of culture, that culture dies. We must retain the Pledge of Allegiance's wording: One Nation UNDER GOD.Prayer in public schools should be allowed. It is not forcing the students to conform to one religion. It is totally and outright despicable how the politicians today, 2009, have not and are not standing for the principles of our founding fathers. Religion is the highest of all rights, other than life. WAKE UP, AMERICA!! And realize that it is absolutely contrary to the Constitution, and to the higher document, the Declaration of Independence, that prayer is outlawed in school. Any law that so flagrantly disobeys the Constitution should be disregarded by the average citzen.

6. I believe that it should be a major goal of my fellow conservatives and myself to enlighten other people about the convservate movement. I myself have done this, and have, in the process, been ostercized at my school be students. But, I do not care, i still stand strong in the conservative movemenet. I believe that the conservative movement is the right way. Not in terms of right and left, but in terms of right and wrong.

7. I am pro-Israeli and believe that the palestinians have no right to own a piece of land that belongs to Israel, and has belonged to Israel for millenia, even before Islam existed!!! They say that Palestine belong to the Muslims when Islam first existed. I say "BS". First, Islamic invaders ALWAYS committed a genocide of those who would not convert. That is how they came to Palestine. The ancestors of the pre-Islamic Palestinians, the Phillistines, no longer exist!! Palestine is an excuse by Islamic fascists to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. I have, an will forever, stand most strongly with Israel in their fight to exist as a rightful nation. I believe that any nation that comes against Israel has reserved their place in oblivion

8. I believe that english should be the official language of the United States, after all, that is what is most widely spoken language in our country, and what is a united country if all the people don't speak the same language?

9. I believe that, for the security of this good nation, the borders, North and South, should be highly guarded and not open to everyone. I believe that a fence that keeps drug traffickers and other illegals out should be erected, and quick!