Gene Vidocq
Since Mar 13, 2005

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Brothers In Arms

- Among the Living -

Disease! Disease! Spreading the disease

With some help from Captain Trips, he'll bring the world down to his knees Power, yes Power! He'll show them all his power It pulses through his ice cold blood, a whole world to devour!

He's seeing, he's calling, his legacy he's spawning He's coming, corrupting, among the living!

Murder! Murder! Commit cold blooded murder! Like Nazis during World War Two, they only follow orders Hatred! Hatred! A crucifix is your bed Once he turns his eye on you, you'll be better off dead!

I'm the walkin' dude, I can see all the world! Twist your minds with fear, I'm the man with the power Among the living, follow me or die!

Man, fights Man! Divided they can't stand! United, they can battle back, and make him force his hand! Fear, yes fear! His end is growing near He didn't count on Man's good faith, and their will to persevere

Follow me or die!

FIRE! HOT FIRE!! Purge the world with fire!! Damnation is the price he'll pay, for an evil man's desire! Good, versus evil! The stand to vanquish evil! Man can only live one way, that place right in the middle

Follow me or die!

Among among among Among among among Among among among Among among among

-Anthrax - Among the Living

- The Postman-

It is sundown.

Half expectedly,

He comes up the walk

And knocks upon the door.

I greet him.

He stands there weeping.

Handing me a letter.

He tells me it contains

Terrible personal news.

He falls to his knees,

'Forgive me! Forgive me',

He pleads unconvincingly.

Knowing what he brings

Still I let him in.

He wipes his eyes

While I stand unconvinced.

Cautiously, I smile inside.

The collar of a secreted plaid shirt

Protrudes around his neck.

His dark untruth

Is like a Piss stain on my brain.

Looking helpless, nervous, small,

He curls up like a ball

And feigns at sleeping,

While I compare the batch of

Fragrance powdered letters

With no return addresses

Still unopened,

Delivered to myself, along the same vein.

I think softly out loud:

You shall live by inflicting pain.

This odorless letter, Hand delivered,

Containing terrible personal news,

Is not quite the same.

Looking his way, I muse,

Recalling the Town Cryer:

You are a dead man walkin'

Among the living -

You shall forever go truly unrepentant,

Eternally unforgiven.

Damnation is the price you'll pay

For an evil man's desire.