Since Jun 10, 2004

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I recently saw a tagline that said "Conservative first, Republican second." I guess that pretty much sums up my views. Republicans don't always represent conservatives, just as Democrats don't always represent liberals. That is ringing especially true here in Georgia right now, as the newly elected Republican-controlled state assembly is making some seriously bonehead moves.

Take a visit to my blog if you like. I love receiving feedback, both positive and negative, and do me a favor and click on the ads! I've got tuition and books to pay for!

Sarge's Spot

Now a few words about those who love to use the phrase "pimp my blog"....

There is a section of FR called "Bloggers and Personal", and the entire purpose of this section is for people to post blog entries for others to comment on. If you don't like that people post their own blogs, then maybe you'd better go back to "News and Activism." Personally, I enjoy posting my blog here because I enjoy the feedback. Sometimes, I just want other people to read it and comment on it.

In spite of that diatribe, I really am a pretty easy-going, laid back fella. I was raised conservative, but I must admit I've been partially "Boort-ized" and have begun to lean a bit libertarian. Still, I enjoy FR and the news, opinion, and commentary I find here, and with any luck, you'll find something useful at Sarge's Spot.