Since Jul 28, 2002

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George W. Bush is a conservative!!!!!!!

Want proof? Well, hows this?

My beliefs:

1)Voting Libertarian is worse than not voting at all. When an informed person throws his or her vote away in this manner, they are saying that they are fine with socialism... becase they are upset that sometimes the Republicans don't do what they want. So they'd rather "make a statement" than win. Ridiculous.

2)The federal government needs to learn what it's place is. We need to stand proud for a government which spends at least 4% of GDP on the military. Period. Before it spends a dime on anything else. The government's number one job is to stop criminals. International ones that want to kill us from without and homegrown ones that want to kill us from within. Until they fully fund this activity, they shiouldn't spend a single dollar on things like education, welfare, food stamps, health care for the impoverished, farm subsidies or any other damn thing!!!!

3)Our tax system has been bastardized and is becoming too much like the socialist societies in Europe and elsewhere. The government can only collect a finite amount income before it begins to destroy one of the things that made our country great (the free market system). Those on the left also need to ask themselves, do they want the tax system to be used to create social policy or to collect money? If it is really the latter that they are concerned with, they need scrap or totally modify the progressive tax system.

4)Competition and Capatalism is the answer to virtually EVERYTHING. This is why the way to attack poverty is with school choice, NOT welfare!

5)Ronald Reagan was a great President. So is George W. Bush. It is folly to think that somehow Reagan was more conservative than Bush. He simply wasn't. He did the best he could. So is Bush. Cut him some slack.

6)The act of homosexuality (that is what goes on in the bedroom) should not be illegal. The fact that someone engages in that act should not entitle them to protection by the law above and beyond someone who does not engage in that act.

7)As abhorent as slavery was in America, the best thing that ever happened to Americans whos ancestors were brought here in chains 300 or so years ago is.... that their ancestors were brought to America 300 years ago. Don't believe me? Would you rather live in Africa today?

8)Affirmitive action is as racist today as white privilege once was. Furthermore, when you push a "person of color" into a role above what their abilities would suggest, you do more harm than good to that person. Look at the drop out rates of Americans "of color" that got into Universities on the basis of preferences rather than merit. Not pretty.

9)Democrats are not the party of the working man. They are the party of the *NON* working man. My evidence? The fact that they support the following: A)Welfare, Health Care and Food Stamps for people who DON'T work. B)Trial Lawyers who get money for those who wish to sue their way to wealth rather than work their way there. C)The constant desire to extend Unemployment Benefits (which, of course, only go to people who DON'T work). D)Their support of the progressive income tax. People who are already rich and don't earn a real income anymore (Rockefellers, Kennedys, etc...) will never have to pay these taxes. Stupid.

10)Vietnam was a battle, not a war! The war was waged against communism. We won. The battle in Vietnam was simply a front in a greater war.

11)Democracy and Capatalism sweeping the earth is a GOOD thing and needs to be encouraged by the United States, with force if necessary. Long live Israel and Taiwan. I may add more later. Take Care!


Why Blacks should vote Republican:

1) Welfare. Republicans favor a reduction and eventual dismantling of the welfare state. The welfare state has helped exasperate the number of children born out of wedlock. The Out-Of-Wedlock birth rate in the black community is now over 70%. Reducing welfare will eventually reduce Out-of-Wedlock births. It has been shown that the simple act of getting married before having a child is the key to becoming and living middle class.

2) Gun Control. The early gun control laws were put in place to keep guns out of the hands of the newly freed Negroes after emancipation. Allowing law abiding inner city residents to own weapons will go far towards limiting the amount of crime in the inner city. Limiting crime leads to a better way of life and higher property values.

3) Affirmative Action. Right now, the one place where affirmative action (better known as racial quotas) exist is in education. Placing talented black kids into a situation that is above their present skill level leads to a much higher dropout rate at top universities. This has the effect of leaving behind a whole group of talented young black men and women. Ending affirmative action places these kids where their skills suggest they should be placed, leading to a higher chance of success.

4) Taxes. The progressive income tax puts more pressure on people attempting to become wealthy than on people who already are wealthy. As Milton Friedman put it "You will get less of that which is taxed and more of that which is subsidized." Taxing earnings more at a higher rate depresses the number of people who will earn at the higher rate, thus keeping blacks, who are trying to make it to that point, behind.

5) Social Security. Actuary rates show that black men will, on average, die before ever collect a dime of social security. Their social security that they spent all their life paying into dies with them. The privatization of social security will lead to those blacks being able to pass along a legacy to their grandchildren. Under the present system that Democrats are trying to protect, the average black man would not have that legacy to pass on.

6) Police. Republicans consider more police and higher incarceration rates to be a good thing. Even moreso than supposed tough on crime Democrats. Take Rudy Giuliani in New York City. Republicans believe more cops will help solve the problem. And we don't turn into Maxine Waters when some cop gets a little rough on a thug who will eventually hurt a law abiding black person. We love those who abide by the law. We abhor those who break the law. More Republicans in office=More cops on the street.

7) Jails. More Republicans in office also means longer jail sentences for criminals. We will build as many jails as it takes and put every law breaker in them as long as we can. We will execute those who have committed heinous crimes. The criminals will be in prison and not on the street. Black people are the most common victims of crime. Voting Republican ensures that those people will be victimized less.

8) Schools. Every single inner city school has been run into the ground by Democrats for the last fifty years. No Republican majority has gotten near any school district in any inner city in this country for the last 60 years. From St. Louis to Houston to Los Angeles to Philadelphia, the Democrats have systematically ruined your schools and have requested larger and larger parcells of taxpayer funds to doso. What Republicans propose is choice. Vouchers. This is supported by a vast majority of black parents. Democrats oppose vouchers with every ounce of blood in their body.

9) Abortion. Planned Parenthood was created by Margaret Sanger with the idea of providing cheap abortions to black people in order to keep the black population under control. To a large degree it has worked as the percentage of abortions performed every year on blacks has far outstripped by a percentage the number performed on whites. A higher percentage of blacks than whites oppose abortion.

This is just the tip of the ice berg. I think we could include the reparations hustle, the support of the military, the gay agend. Why in the world do 90% of blacks vote Democrat? I mean, 90%?!?