Since Sep 13, 2003

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More than 270 original, off-the-wall, simple cartoons for kids of all ages!

Some of my favorite original cartoons include Frank Lloyd Wrong, Umpires on Strike, and A Crossword Puzzle for the Rest of Us.

If you like The Far Side by Gary Larson, you will like The Near Side by Stephen Kramer. Same mold. Different clay.

It's all about cartoons and humor writing at www.stephenkramer.com!

Go there and read my eBook (online book) "America's Funniest Computer Stories".

I am a staunch, right-wing, conservative Republican whacko who is related to "Floriduh Voter", a fellow Free Republic member, who convinced me that this is where the kewl people hang and chill.

My trade is computer programmer/analyst and copywriter. If anyone has a job for me please contact me ASAP! I am available for work immediately!

God Bless America and God Bless YOU!