Since Nov 3, 2000

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2000 I’m a Staunch Republican that drew alot of critisizm by posting as GodBlessGore prior to the election. I used that tag longer than I wanted because I was determined to change it after the election. Call me superstitous. I was sure Bush would win. I hate Rats for meddling with free enterprise and I wish they’d leave Philip Morris, HMO’s and business in general to do business. We’re overtaxed without representation. Our streets here in NC are a shambles and “Government” under the Rats isn’t working at the state or federal level.

Edit Sep 2012 - The Roads have been repaired and many that didn’t need to be fixed have been. Of course this was just government hand outs to create “jobs.” I’m not confidant of the debt the nation has incurred under Obama and the last 4 years of Bush. I’ve taken 80% of my 401K out of the stock market. I feel a pretty deep decline and perhaps a revamp of the monetary system will happen in the next 3 years. Perhaps even a major War. I’m just uneasy that we’re being lulled into a state of false security.