Since Oct 23, 2000

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At The Today Show, the Abu Ghraib-a-thon Goes on, as Katie Frets Kerry Overshadowed

Couric and Russert Agree: Humanizing Kerry "A Real Challenge"

Couric Frets over Clinton and Kerry, Casts Bush Iraq Policy as Mere Political Strategy

Couric Giggles with Hillary, Frets about Kerry's Ability to Attack W on Iraq

Couric on Kerry's "Lying, Crooked" Remark: "Republicans (yes, Republicans) Will Have to be Careful"

Couric Stumped by Dignified Father of Fallen Marine; W Portrayed as Having Big 9/11 Problem

Couric Suggests Saddam's Defiance Fault of . . . U.S.

Couric to Matthews: "It's a Question of Who is the Lesser of Two Evils" in Iraq (US or Al-Qaeda)

FReeper Interviews Libertarian Pres Candidate Badnarik: "Open the Borders"

Ghoulish Couric Tries to Exploit Brother of Beheaded Hostage to Criticize War, Bush Administration

Katie Couric Trashes Michael Moore! Would Rather Arrange Socks than go out with him!

Katie Rips a Triple to Left: Segments on WMD Report, Supreme Court Nominees, Rush's Worries

Katie's Puppet Show: Capture of OBL 'Less Important,' Iraq War 'Recruiting Tool for Terrorists'

Lack of Liberal Passion? Today Show Goes Through the Motions on Kerry; Russert Predicts Small Bounce

Lauer Never Mentions Nick Berg; Lets Ted Kennedy Make Rambling Charges of "Disaster" and "Blunder"

Maddy Albright on Today Show Stamps her Dainty Feet: "Not Fair to Parse all Kerry's Words"

McCain on Today: Ted Kennedy 'Over the Top;' I'm Staying in GOP and Won't be Kerry VP

McCain Rides to Kerry's Rescue: "John Kerry is Not Weak on Defense" (Today Show alert)

Pew Foundation to Albright to Today Show - Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy?

Storm Warning! Early Show's Hannah Storm Rips John Edwards. Voice of Disappointed Dems?

The Dean that Didn't Bark. Today Show Blacks Out Howard's Paranoid Ravings

Today Cheers Arnold, Stephie Admits Kerry's in Trouble, CBS Discovers RNC - What a Morning!

Today Show Combats Good Economic News with Report on "Middle Class Blues"

Today Show Continues its Offensive on Iraq Prison Abuse as Hagel Plays the Eager Accomplice

Today Show Continues its Offensive on Iraq Prison Abuse as Hagel Plays the Eager Accomplice

Today Show Seeks to Pump Up Stem Cell Issue - Therapy for Flagging Kerry Campaign?

Today Show Shocker: Skeptical Couric Questions Edwards; Laura Bush Treated Respectfully

Today Show Signs onto Spitzer Campaign; Will 9/11 Breitweiser *Ever* Go Away?

Today Show's Lauer Clings to Dem Presidential Hopes in Russert Interview

Today Show: Lauer & Russert in Gloom 'n Doom Tour

Today Show: Brother of Soldier Killed in Iraq asks "Saddam Out of Power; Why Are We Still There?"

Today Show: Vile James Carville Tries to Taunt W into 3rd Debate: "Get out of Cheney's Lap"

Today to McCain: "Are You Playing for the Wrong Team?"; Frets Rudy Treated Too Kindly by 9/11 Comm

Today Treats Columbine with Slushy Sentimentality, Woodward Book with Fevered Sensationalism

Today: Struggles to Find Dem Guest; W Governed "from Far Right;" Teresa Blasted!

Victory is Sweet: Katie and Matt in Black!

Wes Clark Claims Richard Clarke Allegations "not Political" (Today Show this-dog-won't-hunt alert)

When Does "Today" Tout a Military Publication? When it Calls for Rumsfeld to Quit, of Course