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Since Nov 30, 2004

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I am graduating college in three weeks and helplessly began my novena asking for help with a job, someone to sublease my apartment, and help to find a place to live. I had sent my resume out to any place that sounded remotely appealing and only was able to get 2 interviews-one was cancled bc they hired someone before my interview, and the other decided not to hire anyone for another 3 months. i was frusterated...i began my novena and asked for help.
one week later i got offered my DREAM JOB for an unexpected salary in the #1 location of my choice. the company said they had been looking for the perfect person to fill this position for 5 months and this was the first offer! that same day i recieved 2 calls interested in my working for them. 3 days later, a girl whom my present roommates get along with, decided to sublease my apartment! (almost impossible to find anyone to take your lease over becuase of all the december graduates). now i had an issue of where and who to live with. i had two options of places i found online with girls i had not met. (a few of my friends are moving up there after thier graduation-but that wasnt until may) 4 days later i found out that one of my good friends from school had a townhouse built in the area and is looking for a roommate!!!! (St. Jude added a bonus by making it the cheapest rent i could find!)
How can my life get in any more order? i have absolutely no clue-but i do know that when it isnt in order, who to turn to. what i am most happy about is that i let go of my will and told St. Jude to help me be where God wants me to be-so i feel that i am in accordance to Gods will. i prayed that what he wanted for me, to "put that desire in my heart." i am just so thrilled! "work like it depends all on you and pray like it depends all on God"