Gretchen Fairchild
Since Nov 6, 2003

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CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY WHO YOU WILL SERVE There is a Bible thumpersticker which says, "Jesus SAVE Me From Your Followers". There is now "good news" for those who truly believe the underlying sentiment behind this humor. People who feel pestered by us pesky Christians can now lend their support to an international movement to replace the "intolerant" Ten Commandments with a more "unifying" Earth Charter (hailed by Mikhail Gorbachev [former head of the Soviet Union] and Maurice Strong [senior advisor to United Nations' Secretary General Kofi Annan] as a more peaceful Ten Commandments for a new age). SEE: and Those supporting this movement like to quote George Bush Sr. as saying that "there is no greater threat to global security than [religious] fundamentalism". They believe that the Ten Commandments is a major pillar of religious fundamentalism . . . and must be eliminated. _____________________ THE ARK OF HOPE TO VISIT INDIANAPOLIS The Ark will be in Indianapolis from September through November, traveling among various public locations and events, including the Earth Charter Summit on October 11. The Ark is a chest that resembles the Biblical Ark that bore the scrolls of the Torah. It was designed as an expression of the Earth Charter. Its panels depict elements of the natural world and universal manifestations of faith. Inside the Ark, besides the Charter, are creative expressions of hope for the Earth by artists, school children and citizens. Local planners believe that it will inspire people of the Indianapolis community to contribute their own words and creativity, whether through dialogue or the arts, to the hopefulness embodied in the Earth Charter. SEE a picture of the Ark: NOTE: Researchers believe that the "ARK's" lengthy visit in Indianapolis is the result of a major financial contribution by the wife of the owner of the Indiana Pacer basketball team when Green Cross International was founded. Welcome to Green Cross International Website ... The Earth Dialogues is a public forum initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev, President of Green Cross International, and Maurice Strong, Chairman of the Earth Council ... _____________________ Christians were horrified when Dr. Robert Schuller invited Mikhail Gorbachev to the Crystal Cathedral to be the featured guest on a Sunday morning broadcast of the "Hour of Power" in October 2000. Schuller kept insisting during the broadcast that Mikhail Gorbachev is a Christian. "There is one thing I don't agree with you," Dr. Schuller said. "You claim to be an atheist, but I don't believe you. You are not an atheist. You keep referring with such respect and affection to Jesus Christ and anyone who respects Jesus Christ cannot call himself an atheist." All Press Releases for October 23, 2000. Mikhail Gorbachev discusses affection for Jesus Christ with Dr Robert H. Schuller. Crystal Cathedral ... Cached _____________________ People need to decide whether to defend God's "Ten Commandments" or the Council of Wise Person's "Earth Charter" . . . because eventually one approach will dominate human thought. "Choose you this day who you will serve . . . as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" (Joshua 24:15)