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"Kerry's Purple Heart Lie" FACT SHEET. Simple, concise.

"Love Won Out"

* Asking for prayers (Update at #259)

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* How to post a thread; other interesting facts, part II

* Our eagles are back!! (EagleCam - eggs any day!!)

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* Talons of Intimidation- Jeff Gannon's saga

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*TEXAS TACKLES VOTER FRAUD (get this going in your state)

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10 New Conservative Films Being Released In The Next Two Weeks!

2004 Election Pollster Accuracies / Inaccuracies

527's - IRS Acts to Enforce 527 Reporting

9/11 VH1 - The Concert for NYC; Post your thoughts [hillary redacted]

A Few of FR's Finest 10-05-05 MOVING Stories from FReepers

A Few of FR's Finest 10-05-05 MOVING Stories from FReepers


A little help Freepers. FNC- Bush Volunteered for Vietnam

A Very Quotable Year - 2004

Admin Mods Lecture Series: You all need to read this

Adult Children Speak Out About Same-Sex Parents

Al-Qaida warning: Muslims leave U.S. Sep 2006

Another posting refresher course - Volume 3 (Welcome Newbies)

Archive of Web: Great tool for seeing websites from the past


Artist's Civil War interviews reveal nuanced portraits

Backhoe's Info: 60 Minutes to Infamy- those forged memos and The Shot Heard Round the World

Blue Angels, Enjoy!

Books recommended by conservative scholars

British & USA food and confectionery by snugs et al

Buckhead Breaks CBS Forgery Code: [Fake] Documents Suggest Special Treatment for Bush in Guard

Buckhead's Post 47: Documents Suggest Special Treatment for Bush in Guard [post 47]

Bush & ANG - NRO's list of people who say he was in Alabama

Bush & ANG Former Dannelly worker: Bush not AWOL [another eyewitness steps forward]

Bush - Byron York (Nat'l Review) The Anti-spin on Bush's Nat'l Guard Service

Bush Daughters Comfort the Wounded

Bush interviewed by rush 8.31.04

Bush re National Guard - mjy1288's summary

BUSH The Essential President Bush [Bush did not abandon us]

Bush's Service Evals TANG Evaluations of Lt. Bush

Calling Giuliani on his many lies

Cheney In Louisiana: Father Rock Star (2004)

Civil War authority Shelby Foote dead

Clinton The Rape of Juanita Broaddrick - 'Their Lives' chapter (2005) Publishes Iraqi Intelligence Docs

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Coulter: Freeze! I just had my nails done!

Daguerreotype of Young Abraham Lincoln (Amazing NEW picture of Lincoln ca early 1840s)

Danish Queen Says Islam Poses Global Threat

Darwin -- Crafty Attacks on Evolution

DeepFont - Breaking story info grouped by Howlin ("If you ever doubted ...")

Democrats Thought it was Improper to Filibuster Judicial Nominees

Experts Worldwide Find Gay Adoption Harmful for Children [Spanish Study Results]

FEC May Regulate Web Political Activity

Find Of Roman Coins Shows Ancient Britons In A New Light

Firefox helping to make Web better for all

FOR THE RECORD: CBS Memos Controversy on Free Republic [Howlin Documents It]

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FR: Articles indexed to Breaking News AND Technical (in order of time indexed.)

Free ebooks 16249 books for you to choose

Free Republic Dot Com ( An outsider review of an amazing site. )

Freeper Lingo Thread (the history and meening of 'Freepisms' including pictures)

Gannett publications that cannot be posted to Free Republic per their copyright complaint

George Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Day Proclamation

Gold Star Families Take Secret Trip to Iraq [FReepers Included]

Golitsyn’s Predictions re: The Phony Collapse of the Soviet Union

GOP Lawmaker: Saddam Linked to 9/11 ['Evidence is Clear']

Got a video clip that I need to post...(Tech vanity)

Guantanamo inmates can be held 'in perpetuity'

Help identify this snake found in my bedroom! Please!!

Home Alone and Unhappy; Reflections on the State of U.S. Children

Homosexual Agenda: Categorical Index of Links (Revision 1.1)

Homosexuals Are Not "Born That Way." (Scientific compendium)

How Private Property Saved the Pilgrims

How to save youtube videos (and upload them elsewhere)


I Need To Thank Someone

If You Have Never Seen This...(Hilarious CNN Freak Out Video)

Inhofe's Floor Speech 3.15.1999 NATIONAL SECURITY

iPod and competitors info

Iranian Alert 10.30.05 Why Haven't We Seen This In Mainstream Media?

Iraq "Interview in Tikrit" with Subtitles - Locating Link to Funny Foxnews Iraq Inverview Video

IRS: Churches can't pray for Bush victory

Jamestown -- Travel Rte 5 in Virginia

JasonC's Book List re major wars

Kerry When John Kerry's Courage Went M.I.A.: Senator Covered Up Evidence of P.O.W.'s Left Behind

Kerry - Steve Gardner info on him


Kerry Free download of THE NEW SOLDIER

Kerry - Connections to MoveOn

Kerry - Four Eyewitnesses Dispute Kerry's Account of Bronze Star Incident

Kerry - Tom Wright asking Kerry to leave 'nam

Kerry - Vietnam POWs Say Kerry's Words and Deeds Were Used by Guards to Torture Them

Kerry Lied in Debate # 1

Kerry the Athlete PHOTOS

Kerry Unveils Comprehensive Plan to Fight the War on Terrorism(2/27/04)-Incriminating Evidence?

Kerry was asked to leave Vietnam: Kevin McCullough

Kerry's medals - inconsistencies noted by kabar

Kerry's Silver Star - who commissioned it

Lawmakers: Hands off blogs (FR mentioned)

Lennox Lewis (UK) by KO in 8th Over Mike Tyson- Unified Boxing Title Bout

March 3,1931,"The Star-Spangled Banner" became the national anthem of the United States.

May 4 Swift Boat Vets News Conference

Memorial Day thread...What's your Favorite WW II war movie? 2004

MUSIC Reagan's Funeral

Nazi program still a source of pain

Need Help From Freeper Females (vanity)

New Genetics Study Undermines Gay Gene Theory

New Orleans Photo and Major Garrett re Katrina & Red Cross


Norton is driving me nuts (Alternatives Named)

PC's: Skeletons on your hard drive

Pentagon's New Map (Belmont Club is Mentioned!)

Pres. and Laura Bush on Larry King 8.12.04

Presidential Inaugurations 1857-2005. enjoy (photos)

Presidential Wives' Recipes

Putin has joined the "Axis of Evil"

Reagan - "Let's rewrite one for The Gipper!" (Coulter)

Rossi Election Certified in Violation of Agency Rules

Rossi Index of Vote Fraud Threads

Rossi v. Gregoire: What Matters Now 1.12.05

Rossi: Secretary of State improperly certified election 1.14.05

Rush - Links to lib-lie-busting aids

Safe Personal Computing

Schiavo (Fl St Supreme Court) Order Dismissing for Lack of Jurisdiction 3.21.05

Seven Questions for Serious People, Inspired by Fahrenheit 9/11

Statement by the founder of Free Republic

Swift Boat Vets Transcript Hannity Radio Show See post 204

Swifties Fire Back Aug 2004

TERRI SCHIAVO - The Side Effects of Witnessing Murder

Terri Schiavo: Impeach all Judges in Schiavo case

Terri Schiavo: Life, Death and Judicial Tyranny

The list of ping lists Jan. 2005

The Ultimate Guide To Terror (A Respected Muslim Finally Says What Needs To Be Said)

To be a citizen activist (Advice specific to Washington's ReVote Rally)

Today is St. Crispian's day

Top 10 conservative colleges

Twenty-one Medal of Honor Recipients (on Kerry's lies)

WA St Supreme Court justices - info

Washington State auditor denied access to state records

What men want (Vox Day tells about the male mind)

Witches Kill Baby (40 puncture wounds & snapped neck)

XP -- Langa: A New Way To Slim Down Windows XP, SP2

XP SP2 glitches to trip up one in 10 upgrades - report

[New Orleans] Bad Boys (FBI finds "deserting" police on New Orleans payroll don't exist)

“Buckhead” vs. Dan Rather: Internet David Slays Media Goliath