Heinz 57
Since Apr 24, 2003

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I am an ex-Libertarian in So. Texas. That means I vote 96% Republican, but when I vote, I vote individual Republican Candidates instead of straight ticket. When I get get to the local judges and the democrats run unopposed . . . save for the Libertarians . . I vote for the Libertarians. Surprinsingly, some win!

Proud Life Member of the NRA

An interesting mix of Eastern European, Asian, Arabic, American Indian, German . . . . .and probably the kitchen sink too! Only in America, this wonderful land that my father and his family immigrated to, could you find something as mixed as my family. Unique, yet so common . . . It is Awesome!

Uh Please, no relations to Teresa . . the name just came to me. Long before she and k-wad the poodle were thrust into the spot light. Back when they were just another pair of pubic hairs on the eurocrotch.

Bush/Cheney '04

PS: Someday I hope to learn how to do one of those cool homepages with all of the graphics. Right now I just want to finish school!