Since Jul 10, 2004

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Joe Alloway
A Candidate Who Knows Terrorism

Gaining success in business and finances did not mean Joe Alloway lost his desire to serve others. When terrorists bombed the US Marine Corps barracks in Beirut, Joe lost the friend he played army with as a child and joined the US Marine Corps together.

When the Oklahoma City bombing occurred, Joe felt the AppleMarkaffects of terrorism firsthand. On that April day, one of Joe's credit unions was located in the Murrah Federal Building, and he lost many friends in this terrorist attack against America. Joe Alloway immediately left for Oklahoma to lead efforts to help his friends rebuild their lives without thinking twice. He stayed days and volunteered to help survivors and contributed over thirty thousand dollars, out of his pocket to help.

When America's first school shooting occurred in Florida, Joe lost another lifelong friend who was shot and killed with a fellow teacher by one of their students. Joe knows firsthand this kind of tragedy and has pledged to do all he can as your state representative to stop it.