Since Jun 23, 2002

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Formerly known as Chad_dimple, referrring to the attempted theft of the Office of the Presidency, by algore and the Floriduh! unsupreme kangaroo court. I decided that that name was a little too 'yesterday's news'.

chad_dimple member since November 18th, 2000

Iamright is a description of my political beliefs! Iamright is not necessarily a reference to my personal knowledge on any or all topics - even though that is generally true.

Member HAT (Houston Area Texas) chapter of FreeRepublic Network

"Defecrats" thanks to thoughtomator and freereb

"Flatucrats" thanks to Cobra64

"demorrhea" thanks to LibWhacker

"Demunists" thanks to PhilDragoo

"Dirtycrats" thanks to SkyPilot

"Deathocrats" thanks to mewzilla

"Defeaticrats" and the Cut And Run Party; thanks to goldstategop