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'Breakthrough' At Stonehenge Dig

(Part 1)FR EXCLUSIVE: Breaking -- Major Newspaper Doing Blockbuster Story on Peter Paul and Hillary

(Photo) President Bush with Dictator of Communist China: Freeper Captions Please

12-Year-Old Maryland Girl Has Not Aged In Years

2,000-Year-Old Judean Date Seed Growing Successfully

20 strangest gadgets

54 Guns Seized From Ludwig Home

A Hillary Clinton Refresher! (If She thinks she can run)

A pyramid in Europe?

A Woman With Stones

Allies, critics say Clinton fell short in terror fight

Amazing Original Photographs from the Civil War

Ancient Manuscript Discovery has 'Da Vinci Code' Touch (Claims to have Bible Figure Biographies)

Ancient Refuge Found By Workmen (Ireland)

Angel in the Waters -- New Pro-Life book for children [Tissue Alert]

Antidepressants are all the rage but have a dark side

AP captures Hezbollah setting up Photo Shoot for Reuters [Staging the Fauxtos]

Arab on a treadmill and Muslim Rave Party [Funny Videos]

Archaeologists Have Uncovered A Royal Palace Used By King Henry II

Arkansas legislation against homeschoolers!

Attention MEDIA for the facts about Bill Clintons BLAME in the bombing of WTC & UNAMERICAN ACTS

Biography: Ahmad Shah Massoud

Blogger admits Hawaii birth certificate forgery, subverting Obama claims (Uh-oh)

Blogger admits Hawaii birth certificate forgery, subverting Obama claims (Uh-oh)

Bush and I were Lieutenants (Fellow Pilot Comes to Bush's Defense)

Can the Clinton Library be stopped?

Cindy Sheehan’s Entourage Includes Mom Of Terrorists

Cinnamon and Diabetes—Disease Type Appears to Matter

Clinton Library Plans to Bulldoze Slave Landmark

Clinton's Bin Laden GATE - Mother of all Scandals

Columbus Man Accused Of Bridge Plot Seeks Evidence Of NSA Spying

Crazy American Laws (Some humor for a sad day...)

Discovery supports theory of Alzheimer's disease as form of diabetes

Early sketch of Stonehenge found

Egypt asks US museum to return gold mummy mask

Explosion at MCI building

Filthy laundry over America!

Flight 800 deception for dollars: Sanders & Cashill reveal Clinton-Gore greed behind cover-up

For Sale: Island with Mysterious Money Pit [Oak Island]

Fox News Streaming 9/11 Coverage

FR Canteen ~ Favorite Comedians - The 1970's ~ 11 DEC 2007

FREE REPUBLIC EXCLUSIVE: Hillary campaign treasurer to be reported to the FBI in Los Angeles

Free Republic Homeschoolers' Forum 2006-2007

FReeper Canteen ~ June Carter Cash & Family ~ 22 June 07

Gore and Clinton and Some of Their Associates Linked to Terrorist Groups?

Green Helmet Man Busted

Henry VII's chapel found at Greenwich (England)

Here's what we're fighting for (post pictures)

Hilarious Muslim Cartoon

Hill doesn't sing the National Anthem

Hillary Booed at Concert for NYC



HILLARY VOTE FRAUD: missus clinton uses Jesus

Home Education vs. Public Education

Home Schoolers Lose Ground with New Law (Arkansas - Mike Huckabee Alert)

Homeschoolers Forum

How Do I Post a Picture

HSLDA Launches Online Curriculum Market

Illinois Teens Murder & Dismember Classmate

Jamestown -- the birth of a nation 400 years ago

Joseph Smith and the Kinderhook Plates

Judicial Watch: Clinton IRS Turned Blind Eye to Terrorists

Just leave my child in peace, pleads mother

Kerry's Poor Memory and Interlocking Lies (Where Kerry really was when said he was in Cambodia)

Last glimpse inside ancient enigma[UK][Silbury Hill]

Links to McGuckin FR Threads (and protest opportunity for 6/11 custody hearing)

List of Clinton pardons 1998 - 2001

Looking for Map of Cell Phone Purchases


Man Hijacks al-Qaida Web Site; Maryland Man Hijacks al-Qaida Web Site for FBI Use, but Agents Pass

MASTER THREAD: Bloggers and mainstream media running TRUTH BOATING HILLARY

MEDIA CAUGHT OVER QANA PHOTOS [Liberal MSM Caught With Pants Down Alert]

Meet My Teachers: Mom And Dad

MISSING CLINTON AUDIO! 'Can we kill 'em tomorrow?' (+Albright-Fulbright-Nobel TERRORISM revelations)

More Muslims home in to educate children

More parents choosing to homeschool their children

Mormonism in the Spotlight

Mormons Eager to Conquer Ukraine

Muslims to Rally at Denmark Embassy (DC) - Sat. 2/18/06 (DC Chapter to be HUMAN SHIELDS for Danes)

Nearly 5,000 come to Cowpens to mark battle's 225th anniversary

New Photoshop Contest, Obama Air Force One Photo OP

New standards set for learning disabled

NEWCOMERS: Welcome Center and Information Desk

News photography and Photoshop

Obama Mistakes List tops 300

Obama used the SS number of a dead woman!

Old English Mill Built From Captured US Ship

On Joseph´s tomb and the Temple Mount (Palestinian desecration of Jewish holy sites)

Panic attacks, heart attacks linked in study

PHOTO FUNNIES: Best of the Web...

Potty break mic snafu: CNN’s Phillips chats in the loo during Bush speech

Press Ignores Gore Scandal

Printable US Flags

rebel_yell2 is out of Athens! (Vainity)

Remembering the meaning of Memorial Day

Reuters Admits Photo Fakery!

Reuters Doctoring Photos from Beirut? [photo inside]

Revenge of the killer fairies[500 Year-old Death Records][UK]

Saint's and Royal tombs discovered in Ancient Westminster Abbey crypt (Edward the Confessor)

Scandal shakes up small Arkansas town


Sen. Gramm on Clinton's Pardon of Terrorists

Sept. 11 T-shirts break school dress code

Sheehan buys plot in Crawford with son’s insurance money

Skeleton Crew Digs Up Past

Skeletons Of Bloodiest Day (Towton - 1461AD)

State to check on residents' health (Door-to door!)

Statement by the President - The Attack on Taliban Begins

Stewardess banned from carrying Bible

Stone Age Tribe Kills Fishermen Who Strayed On To Island

Student rebuked for sitting during Mexican anthem

Tea could help combat diabetes (Black tea)

Tell me about the '60s (vanity)

The Gym Jihad-A burqa-clad woman demands her right to prostrate to front of your locker.

The Jesus Trial : Examining the Historical Evidence

The laughing 9/11 bombers

The Most Dangerous Foods (to eat while driving)

The Oak Island Mystery...What lies at the bottom of the Money Pit?


Time line of Barak Hussein Obama’s involvement with radical groups & friends -PLEASE READ!

Transcript (7-23-02): Jim Trafficant Takes Show Away From Connie Chung

UNDERCOVER UK MOSQUE (A Must See Before YouTube Pulls It!)

Unique photo of Mozart's widow revealed

Want an iPhone? Beware the iHandcuffs

What's your home worth? Amazing new site --

Will Cross Adorn Coca-Cola Cans This Christmas? [The official Ramadan Coke can is out!]

Woman Sues DIP Storage Facility Over Bizarre Ordeal (Locked In Box For 63 Days)