Since Oct 14, 2001

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- If you believe that Faith in Jesus Christ brings new life, I have great news:

- There is important work we ALL can do to hasten our nation’s return to God:

- Over the last few years, it’s becoming clear that demonic spirits preside OVER SPECIFIC AREAS (or Territories) such as cities.

- Missionaries have discovered that in some areas, people on the south side of the street defy God’s message, but those on the north side of the street are very open to the gospel.

- In fact, if someone from the south side crosses the street, he can easily believe the good news.

- “Terroritorial Spirits", by C Peter Wagner, is an eye-opening book on this.

- So, how is a city ‘reclaimed’ for Christ? Look what happened to Cuidad Juarez, Mexico recently:


- Then, here’s another way it was done in the Philippines (and very funnie)


- Let me know what you think-