Since Oct 14, 2001

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Why is the USA so different, so unique among the nations? Because this republic was founded upon Christian principles, and for many years, attempted to preserve those ideals.

The ONLY thing that will prevent our slide into despotism is a nationwide revival. When we again put God back into our schools, courts, media and our daily life, He will continue to bless us, and confound our enemies.

We must remember to pray for our leaders (yes, for President Obama also) for our republic, our veterans, and for our military. Many members of our military are young, with little 'life experience.' Often, they are far from their families, and lonely. They don't know the language or the culture of the nations where they're posted. I would like to ask God above, "Dear Lord, Who placed every star, please bring the right person to speak Your word to this lonely American, that he, and she, will see Your truth, and come to know You, and allow their life (whom You created) to be renewed thereby. In the name of the Redeemer of Israel, Jesus the Messiah, I humbly ask this, and since I know you answer prayer, I thank you in advance, Lord of creation, Amen."


The Sunshine State has good gun laws: NON-criminal residents and tourists can legally travel with a loaded handgun in their vehicle. ( KNOW THE DETAILS OF THIS LAW ) They can also get a "Concealed Carry Permit" here, even if they're from a state that hates personal freedoms.

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Yesterday, a jealous tourist sneered at me and said "Yer cont soif ear! Yer got no wayvs!"

Maybe our waves are not Australias, but if you bring a Fish Board and a Long Board, you'll have lots of fun. Renting them here is expensive; if you travel here without your board. there are lots of cheap, used surfboards for sale. Be sure to visit the Sebastian Inlet State Park for the best surfing on the US East Coast. Above all, DON'T forget your Party Attitude, and hope to see you soon!


So what's an Inkstone? The ancient Chinese used various designs made of stone, jade or fired clay on which dry ink blocks were ground to powder. These powders were mixed with various liquids. The resulting types of ink were used to create artworks, calligraphic script and standard written communication.

In closing, I submit a verse of wisdom from Pro Lege Manilia Oratio (66 BC), by Marcus Tullius Cicero:

"Quantum materiae materietur marmota monax si marmota monax materiam possit materiari?"

(How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?)