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..The bios of many Freepers contain viewpoints about politics.
..This one contains an RX that SHAPES Politics...
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..We’ve all heard “The Good News” about Jesus Christ, but because this information is old hat, some might nod off, or continue reading the sports page...

..But there is a new fire spreading thru Scandinavia, Europe, Asia and yes, even here in Darkest America:

..Christians are healing the sick, casting out demons, and praying for believers to receive the Holy Spirit, as written in Mark 16:15-18. Those miracles DID NOT have an expiration date, and in these 'last days', we need those signs more than ever!

..Those who are healed, then have a reason to reconsider the story of salvation. Oftentimes, they commit their lives to Christ. Many express their gratitude to God by learning to be disciples, and they in turn do miracles in the name of Jesus, and by the power of ...God's Holy Spirit. And thus a new movement of God is growing, partly, thanks to social media.

..What does this have to do with politics?

..If America continues killing the unborn, and exporting pornography- if we continue to support those who hate Israel, and give a pass to groups who murder Christians, how much longer will God withhold His judgment?

..But God’s judgment has already started, and we all know it. We just subconsciously hope that “something will change” to bring back our country...

..However, there is ONLY ONE remedy; we must humble ourselves before God, we must repent of our sins, and put Him back into our schools, our courts, our churches, and our everyday lives.

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..Healing videos:



..A ‘Can’t Put It Down’ book about America’s future, “The Harbinger”, by Jonathan Cahn

..Yes, these miracles are even happening in Florida!

..Let me know your thoughts, thank you =:^)