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Code name from '84 movie "Operation Red Dawn"

'Don't Tread On Me' flags on all Navy ships

(Vanity) I'm Taking a Breather from Free Republic

911 Remembered: RICK RESCORLA was a Soldier

A Prayer Thread for LBGA

Accounts From the North Tower

Accounts From the South Tower


Am I a Bad American? by Ted Nugent

American Facination With Firearms.

American Voters Overwhelmingly Agree with Justice Department: Individuals Have Right to Bear Arms

An Open Letter to Our Fathers and Grandfathers: You Won the Battle but Lost the War

Arizona Govenor Given Wide Powers to Fight Bioterror

As an American, I am thankful for ...

Blackpowder, bowling balls and sewer pipe! (Fire in the hole!!!)

Bye Daddy

Catholic bishop of Phoenix arrested

Comments of the ground war in Afghanistan from a Special Forces Ground Pounder

Daschle lashes out at Bush for 'failed' diplomacy

Details of shootout emerge (Massillon, OHIO)

Encountering A Roadblock - What to expect and how to handle the situation

Feinstein-Schumer Gun-Control Act

First Freeper Postal Match Results!

Freeper Interview Series: Harpseal

Freeper Obit. TrappedInLiberalHell

Ghost Troop Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 11, 10 September 2003

Ghost Troop Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 11, 10 September 2003

Harpseal passed on as of March 19, 2004

History of FR

I have got to respond to this bit of stupidity! (posted on the Low-Carb newsgroup by DustyB)

Info From Iraq From Someone Who Is Doing the Run and Gun


Let Us Pray: A Call for More Orthodoxy, and Latin Mass, for the Troubled Church

LIVE THREAD: Bush Flies to USS Abraham Lincoln for Historic Speech

Memo To My Wife

MEMORIAL DAY: Four Brave Chaplains

NORAD intercepting Air France 68 now (plane has landed without incident)

Peggy Noonan: Stay God's hand (November 30, 1998)

Plane Crashes into World Trade Center

Plane Crashes into World Trade Center

REAL LIFE TIME TRAVELER? (Your opinion please!!!)

Republican Babes of the Month (pics)

Republican Babes of the Month (pics)

Review of "Enemies Foreign and Domestic"

Rome vs. Carthage: The Day the World Trembled

Second Freeper Postal Match - Rifles

Signatures of the Gun Culture

Tenacious Spyware Problem (Vanity)

The Meaning of Life According to Me

The Mercenary Alliance

The New Underground: How Conservatives Conquered the Internet (vanity... sort of)

The RKBA War-- 2 weeks of links ( AWB and more )

Those wacky Iraqis


U.S. Air Force B-2 Bomber Drops 80 JDAMS in Historic Test (Cool Video Feed)

Virus writers trade insults as e-mail users sufferSome 20 variants spreading ....

Weapons Lube Issued by Army May be Costing Lives in Iraq

What good can a handgun do against an Army? Threead IV

World Trade Center

WTC Flag Raising & Memorial Petition surpasses 400,000 SIGNATURES!

‘This place is crazy’In Fallujah, it’s not if you’ll get shot at, but when