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Former USMC - MP and civilian cop. Been around with FReeper name Irishpennant since 2008...posted when I could up until 2013 when I lost my sixteen year old son and only child to a failed heart. Since then, I pretty much come here SEVERAL times every day to catch up on the news and opinions of people I respect; FREEPERS. I rarely post anymore. I miss it.

Yet, something now that occupies the majority of time is trying to honor my son’s legacy by serving others. Since his passing I have gone through the fire and come out somewhat cleansed of many emotional and ego-fed issues.

I have written three published books on grief and bereavement support for others who are on the same journey as I...trying to find a life of peace and purpose after a profound loss. I also keynote speak and serve as a presenter at many venues around the country, including within large business. I was recently honored to be the keynote speaker at Delta Airline’s HQ in Atlanta...where they were compassionate enough to bring together employees from around the country who had lost loved ones.

I do not make a living off of what I do but I offer any type of help I can possibly provide for my fellow FReepers...

If you know anyone who is going through the profound loss of a loved one, please pass on my website -

There are support links to some amazing organizations...some of which I am involved with. I sit on the board of the following 501(c)(3) national organizations:

Bereaved Parents of the USA (Chair)
The National Grief and Hope Coalition
Cry for Me No More, Inc.

I also sit on the advisory board for Le BonHeur Children’s Hospital where I reside just outside of Memphis, TN (MS suburbs). Le Bonheur is one of the more preeminent pediatric cardiology facilities in the country, and I am humbled to be part of the decision making machine.

On the site folks will find links to some of my TV and radio interviews, as well as to my books. Yes, the books are for sale, but if you know non-fiction books, they are not there as money making tools. You have to be a romance novelist, or sci-fi writer to make a living off of books. Mine are priced to pay for printing and shipping. You will even find my books in eBook format on Amazon and other sites for only $0.99. My mission is not about money. It is about serving the grief community.

If I can do anything for a fellow Freeper, or for the friend of a fellow Freeper, contact me internally here or at

If you are interested in my books, contents of which ARE being used in grief support workshops across the country, you can Google the titles:

~ Sometime I Cry In The Shower: A Grieving Father’s Journey to Wholeness and Healing
~ The Griefcase
~ Grief Healings 365

I write under the name R. Glenn Kelly

Please let me know if you need help for a grieving soul and I am there.


And please feel free to look at some of my interviews:

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