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"In God We Trust"

I was born and raised in Alaska. My father was a lineman and a Marine vet. My husband is a retired Policeman and a Marine vet. My younger brother, "Issaquahking" a great freeper,is an electrician and a Navy vet. My brother-in-law was a high school coach and an Army vet. The entire family mined for gold in the summer and ate moose in the winter. The mining got too tough with the (how can I say this in a nice way) greenies. We got older and moved on. Both of my parents have gone to the big gold mine above. We have all settled in Mesquite, Nevada for now and who knows what's in the future. I do know that I want to make a difference in this old world before I go. My goal in life is to get rid of the ACLU so we can have God back in our country and celebrate Christmas without somebody telling us that our children can't have a Christmas play in school. I would like to see the Ten Commandents displayed on the courthouse lawn, let the firehouse put up a Christmas tree. One that can even be seen from the street. If it offends somebody - then tuff Don't look at it. I need all the help I can get. If you would even put a small label on the envelopes that you send out of your house with the words "In God we trust" on it, I think we can make a difference. Let people know where you stand. When the ACLU wants to take God out of our schools -put your foot down. Take a stand and be heard. Make some telephone calls. This is America, land of the people. We are the people. Let us stick together and keep God in our country.

One of my hobbies is quilting

My cheat sheet is html

My youngest daughter is running for congress in 2004