Since Aug 10, 2006

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Born and raised on the Northshore of Boston, transplanted to Iowa 28 years ago, and soon on our way to Port St Joe Florida for retirement. Lurked for years here at FR .... taking in, reading, absorbing, and learning. Took a break for a couple of years, winning a battle with cancer (so far). Blessed to return, with a little more confidence to actually participate, yet fearful of confrontation and conflict, being more comfortable to remain in the role of student. A page filled with inspirational quotes from great minds has always been my desire, but would pale in comparison to those that already exist here, so I leave that to others. My strength, I believe, is in the visual rather than the verbal. Perhaps that is as a result of my profession, working with the strong, silent type ..... Canine Behavoralist .... Fine tuning the art, handling and placement of over 1000 retired racing greyhounds into homes over the course of a 30 year career. The gentle nudge of a dogs head at my thigh, or the simple and silent wag of a tail is contentment enough for me, in place of the constant need for chatter. Likewise, a great photo, graphic, or meme fulfills the same place in my soul. The neat thing about this is, your trigger can change at a moments notice, so there needs not be any rhyme or reason ... Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos  photo BBbornfree.gif

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