Since Dec 3, 2000

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Mostly a lurker now,I got addicted to FR and had to quit for some time..The love of my country and passion for the constitution took away from the love of my family.Watching the leadership of the republican party,cut and run so many times,roll over time and time again is all a man can take.And I think,I protested for this...I paid money to make signs at the printers and bought sticks to nail them too for this ?I almost lost my family for this bunch of traitors we put in office...A gop that doesn’t fight to drill for oil,fight the global warming fraud,fight to use coal,fight for the unborn,fight the epa,fight illeagle immagration,fight for lower taxes,fight for gun rights,it sure is hard to stomach..Ill give to a candidate but the RNC/GOP can burn in hell...GOD BLESS and yes I mean GOD Bless AMERICA though I dont blame him if he turns the other cheek