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1 woman and Jesus change a nation

AC-130 Gun-Ship cam, Must see, direct Hits.

Breakout Artist (Fascinating profile on Dean Kamen, inventor of "IT")

Eugenics and the Left

Even the Heavens are for Bush

Explaining Jews, Part V: Why Are Jews Liberal? (Dennis Prager Alert)



New unified force theory predicts measured values of physics

Original American Sin

The 100 greatest CDs of all time

The Crackup of the Arab Tyrannies?

The Flight 93 Election - Michael Anton (Publius Decius Mus)

The Jewish Torah - A brief explanation of the Torah, Talmud and other writings

The Mystery of Fascism

The Truth about the Crusades: Historian reviews of "Kingdom of Heaven"

Who Ruled Palestine? (Historical Timeline from Roman Conquest to 1850)