Since Apr 8, 2006

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Jenni Vinson Trejo


Born and Raised in Alice, Texas
Mother of three, Oscar (26), Victoria (22) and Kathryn (21)
1985 graduate of Texas A&M University in Kingsville, Texas. BA in Poli Sci/ English
Editorialist for 10 years

Newspaper Editor 4 years

Radio editorialist for 1.5 years
Author: The Impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton: A Non-Beltway Perspective


South Texas Press Association:
- Best Overall newspaper, small market
- Best Feature Stories: The Price Of Freedom
- Notable Editorials
Texas Press Association
- Notable Editorials
- Notable Newspaper small market

Texas State Bar Association
- Gavel Award for investigative writing that brought about legislative change: The Carriage of Domestic Violence in Duval County

Pulitzer nominations(made the cut into final round:
- The Carriage of Domestic Violence in Duval County
- The Price Of Freedom
- Editorials

Dallas Press Club Awards(covers a 7 state region from Colorado to New Mexico)
- Award of Journalistic Excellence: Best newspaper, small market
- Award of Journalistic Excellence: Feature Stories: The Price Of Freedom
- Award of Journalistic Excellence: Editorials
- Award of Journalistic Excellence: Radio Documentary: Following The Footsteps of Karl Marx
- Award of Journalistic Excellence: Sports Feature: How Baseball Got Big